123SWAP will be the bridge between centralized and decentralized exchanges

Since the emergence of decentralized exchanges (DEX) some years back, centralized exchanges (CEX) have recorded a significant reduction in their use. This has led to the argument of which exchange will stand the test of time.

Recently, DEX platforms have faced many controversies regarding their long-term viability, some experts also speculate that both DEX and CEX must coexist for the sake of sustainability.

An insightful blockchain platform has invented a solution that allows both CEX and DEX to coexist seamlessly instead of waiting to see which one will stand the test of time. 123swap, a decentralized cross-chain network, does not only envisage bridging the gap between DEX and CEX but also to enable interoperability across different blockchains’ smart contracts.

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Some of the major setbacks of CEX have facilitated the rapid expansion of DEXs. 123swap was created as a result of many factors, one of which includes the exchanges and non-scalable factors inherent in the centralized exchanges.

The numbers of active blockchain systems have increased over the years, which signifies a bigger increase in the number of cryptocurrencies operating on the individual blockchain. Every blockchain vies to render a unique solution on its network. For instance, about 90% to 95% of most utility tokens are hosted on the Ethereum blockchain.

Before a token can be listed on a centralized exchange platform, it must meet certain liquidity requirements, which is almost impossible for the majority of crypto projects, especially the ones that are just developing. This is not the case on DEX platforms. Centralized exchanges cripple the chances of scalability for most tokens while decentralized exchanges aim at helping tokens to scale quickly, even in a short period of time.

123SWAP will be bridge the gap between DEX and CEX

Considering the challenges associated with centralized exchanges and the recommendations given by crypto experts regarding the CEX-DEX coexistence; 123swap provides a solution that nullifies the disparities between the two exchanges. The platform bridges the gap where an integrated CEX platform is lacking and subsequently interfaces with DEX platforms, both ecosystems can equally benefit from each other.

Users are able to swap from one token to another seamlessly across different exchanges and blockchains on a single marketplace of 123swap.

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This is why you should be concerned

A lot of people have insinuated that the future of trading may not be limited to only decentralized exchanges as both centralized exchanges and decentralized exchanges provide different unique advantages. Therefore, making use of a platform that connects both CEX and DEX gives room for more opportunities