Alternative social network for professionals called Bizfluence launches second round of funding

LinkedIn has been the reigning champ in the social networking for professional arena for the past 10 years or more since its foundation occurred in 2002. Many users love the platform but there has been growing discomfort lately over their strict censorship policies and content favoring which seems to have come to light, like so many other things, by the Pandemic. A lot of users have grown tired of the content curated for them by the algorithm which seems to have nothing to do with their business or professional area of expertise. Even more so, people are getting tired of being canceled by the platform when they speak out.

Joel Wolh was a former LinkedIn influencer who got banished to the depths of “you can’t say that on LinkedIn” land back in 2020. Rather than keeping his head down and doing his time in silence, he opted for another course of action. Joel pooled resources together with his business partner of an Amazon PPC company and decided to form his own social network which bolsters the idea of anti-censorship and the fundamental concept that people should be there for one reason and one reason only: business. His partner, Jacob Davis, and he formed Bizfluence, Inc. which is now commonly known as Bizfluence App, a leading alternative social media platform for professionals.

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Bizfluence is often referred to as a LinkedIn competitor but as Joel would have us know, “It is so much more than that.” With big dreams, Bizfluence aims to be an all encompassing business ecosystem that can replace a multitude of software currently used by small to medium sized businesses and professionals. Imagine one place where you can post content, network, send out email newsletters, access project management software, create/manage events, and keep track of the ins and outs of your business on a daily basis. The dream is to have one open tab instead of 10.

Bizfluence, Inc had a successful crowdfunding campaign in 2021 on the WeFunder platform where they gained $500k in from angel investors. Currently the platform has around 15k users and has launched another round of funding via the StartEngine platform. The social network broke out of it’s beta version late in 2021 with its release of Bizfluence 2.0 and is in the middle of another huge update that will bring the Company one step closer to achieving those big dreams of being a multitool for professionals everywhere. The Company has also been seeking insight from an undisclosed Israeli VC, and hopes that this next round of funding will bring them out of seed and one step closer to their eventual IPO goal.

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