Apple beats Microsoft in return rate on Galaxus

Consumers nowadays have various possibilities to compare products and analyze price-performance ratios before deciding on a purchase. Product descriptions, price comparison and product test platforms or – a way which is especially popular in online shopping – customer reviews. The Swiss eCommerce company Digitec Galaxus is now breaking new ground by introducing a new and innovative feature on their website, which gives potential customers another option to build themselves an opinion on whether their product of interest is worth buying or not. Galaxus gives concrete information on the product and service quality of an item directly on the product page: How often items of the respective brand in the respective product category break during the warranty period, how long it usually takes until a warranty case is settled or how often products from the brand in the category are returned by customers. And all this in the form of a ranking of comparable products and manufacturers. Oliver Herren, Chief Innovation Officer at Galaxus, states: “I don’t know of any other online retailer in the world that discloses this kind of data – and neither does any manufacturer or comparison portal.” – at least when it comes to the depth of the data, the statement is definitely true. ecommerceDB has taken a closer look at the new return rate feature. It shows how often products of a brand in the respective category were bought and returned on Galaxus in the past 12 months. A closer look at the smartphone category reveals remarkable differences between brands:

Apple phones have lowest return rate on Galaxus_final

Judging from smartphone return rates on Galaxus, Apple is the clear winner in terms of customer satisfaction. Only 2% of Apple smartphones are currently returned by Galaxus online clients. Samsung phones are very close behind with a return rate of 2.1%. Most manufacturers are in fact concentrated at the lower end of the ranking of this selection of leading smartphone brands, with return rates below 6%. However, two famous brands stand out in a negative way: Huawei and Microsoft phones have return rates of 14.5% and 17.4%, respectively, which means by far the highest return quotes not only in this selection, but among all smartphone brands listed on Galaxus – a total of 35, including several less well-known brands like Cubot, realme or Oukitel. Out of these 35 smartphone brands, only five have return rates above 10%. A double-digit return rate is generally unusual in consumer electronics categories, while shoes and clothing often reach higher return rates. In the sneakers category, for example, the lowest return rate on Galaxus is 16.4%, currently held by Nike. The new return rate and warranty comparison features on Galaxus can be a game changer for the Swiss online retailer – a win-win solution for both sides: The buyer makes a more informed decision and finds the most suitable product faster, while the vendor attracts more customers and saves money through reduced logistic costs when return rates go down.

Source: ecommerceDB