Apple, Facebook enter war of words over privacy

Apple and Facebook reportedly traded blows over user privacy, as the iPhone-maker defended delays to implementing tougher protections in its latest operating system.

Replying to earlier concerns from human rights groups, Apple explained it postponed privacy changes planned for iOS 14 to give developers more time to update their systems and data practices, Bloomberg reported.

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In a letter, the vendor also took aim at Facebook and other web companies for employing user data to target advertising.

The news agency stated Apple claimed Facebook disregarded the privacy of its users by seeking to gather “as much data as possible” in its efforts to generate revenue.

Bloomberg reported Facebook fired back at the criticism, branding it an attempt by Apple to divert attention away from the delay in the toughened iOS 14 protections and restrict the advertising sector.

The social media giant previously warned the updated OS could halt operation of a key advertising tool on Apple devices.