Apple Insights: 18% market share in H1 2022

Apple worldwide smartphone shipments and growth: 

  • H1 2021: 98 million units (15% market share) 
  • H1 2022: 106 million units (+8% Y-o-Y, 18% market share) 

Apple continued its strong growth in the first half of 2022, driven by robust demand for the iPhone 13 – which was the best-selling smartphone worldwide in H1 – and the newly launched iPhone SE (3rd Gen).

Apple’s effective countermeasures against macro-economic uncertainties drove iPhone shipments in H1 2022. Apple’s decision to maintain the price of the iPhone 13 saw it outperform market expectations. Diversifying its production out of China into India helped it weather supply chain issues. Strategic investments in high growth regions like APAC and the Middle East helped it navigate weakening global demand.” – Le Xuan Chiew, Research Analyst 

Apple worldwide smartphone shipments share, by model, H1 2022: 

  • iPhone 13: 42% 
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max: 15% 
  • iPhone 13 Pro: 15%
  • iPhone SE (3rd Gen): 12% 
  • iPhone 13 mini: 5% 
  • Others: 11% 

“Pricing will be a key factor determining the performance of its upcoming iPhone 14. Rising material and logistic costs are predicted to result in a price increase for the iPhone 14. However, Apple has to be mindful of growing inflationary pressures on its consumers. Apple’s collaboration with its channel partners will be critical to improve affordability for its consumers.” – Le Xuan Chiew, Research Analyst 

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Worldwide smartphone shipments share, above US$600, by brand, H1 2022: 

  • H1 2020: 53% Apple, 47% Others 
  • H1 2021: 62% Apple, 38% Others 
  • H1 2022: 66% Apple, 34% Others 

“Demand for premium smartphones has increased over the previous years with Apple continuously increasing its dominance in the segment. Despite economic headwinds and overall shrinking demand for smartphones, demand for premium smartphones is expected to remain strong.” Le Xuan Chiew, Research Analyst 

Apple worldwide Smartwatch shipments share: 

  • H1 2021: 16 million units (51% market share) 
  • H1 2022: 18 million units (+13% Y-o-Y, 52% market share) 

“Apple has held a dominant position in the smartwatch market for almost a decade and continues to grow its share and shipment volumes. Its performance in H1 2022 was driven by the Apple Watch 7 series. 

Apple’s watchOS 9 update at WWDC highlighted an increased push into health and fitness, allowing it to capture greater interest from athletes with advanced performance tracking in addition to serving as an even more all-rounded wearable for general health tracking as a core part of Apple’s ecosystem.” Cynthia Chen, Analyst.