Apple Pay coming soon to Chile as South America expansion continues

This time it’s official. After a bank in Chile spoiled the news of Apple Pay’s arrival in the country before Apple was ready to announce, the Cupertino company is now teasing the launch of the service in one more South American country.

According to the blog Pisapapeles, Apple finally launched its Apple Pay page for its Chilean audience. Not only that, but in the FAQ about Apple’s own payment system, the company says the service is launching soon in the country.

It’s weird, because Apple is already teasing users to “add a credit card” on the page, although it’s impossible for now. Pisapapeles notes that Banco de Chile, Banco Itaú, Banco BCI, and BICE could be some of the institutions ready to support Apple Pay.

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For example, Banco de Chile was the one spoiling the launch of the service ahead of Apple’s announcement. Itaú was the first bank to implement Apple Pay in Brazil, and BICE supports the service in Costa Rica, which means all these banks are already familiar with Apple’s payment system in at least one country.

Apple Pay

Last week, Apple also made it official that Apple Pay was coming to Peru and Argentina. With that, South America is receiving its biggest expansion ever as the region will have five countries with Apple Pay available: Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, and Chile.

It’s still unclear when exactly Apple plans to make Apple Pay available in these three countries. Maybe with the release of iOS 15.3 the company will start to roll out the service to these places.

Also last week, Apple’s own payment system arrived in Armenia, making the Eastern European country the first to receive support for the service in 2022.