Bitcoin 2021: The brand of Bitcoin is hope, it is freedom

TyN Magazine, from Miami, is present at Bitcoin 2021 and we tell you the most impressive phrases of the day.

  • The Bitcoin 2021 is a Bitcoin Conference for Bitcoiners buy Bitcoiners in Miami, Florida.
  • Brian Estes: “The path to freedom is never fucki´n selling.”
  • Don Wilson: “Bitcoin is likely to be gold 2.0.”

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  • Robert Gutmann: “There is going to be an open – source alternative monetary sistem that will raise 1 billion people out of poverty. That´s our investment thesis on Bitcoin.”

  • Robert Gutmann: “We want to get Bitcoin into as many people´s hands, safely, as possible.”
  • Robert Gutmann: “The brand os Bitcoin is hope, it´s freedom.”

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