BNB Chain and Fellaz team up to bring NFT ticketing to Ultra Music Festival in Abu Dhabi

BNB Chain, the world’s largest smart contract blockchain in terms of daily active users, and Fellaz, a leading Web3 entertainment ecosystem, have announced the launch of a blockchain-based ticketing solution for Ultra Abu Dhabi, the premier EDM music festival, set to take place on March 4 and 5, 2023. 

The cutting edge ticketing solution powered by BNB Chain will verify the authenticity of tickets, ensuring legitimacy. The collaboration will allow for a more seamless and secure ticketing experience for Ultra Abu Dhabi fans using NFT ticketing while providing a new blueprint for Web3 fan engagement specializing in the music industry. 

Alvin Kan, Director of Growth and Ops at BNB Chain said, “The new NFT ticketing solution will allow the use of NFTs to provide a secure and tamper-proof way to verify the authenticity of tickets and offer a convenient and seamless experience for the fans. We believe that this collaboration represents a major step forward in the use of mainstream blockchain technology in the entertainment industry, and we are confident that it will set a new standard for Web3 fan engagement and entertainment applications in both IRL and Metaverse environments.” 

Bobby Bhatia, CEO of Fellaz, said, “We are excited to partner with BNB Chain to bring our NFT ticketing to this global EDM music festival. Fellaz NFT Tickets powered by BNB Chain will provide a more secure and engaging ticketing experience for fans. We are thrilled to be at the forefront of this technology in the entertainment industry with global brands like Ultra.” 

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“We are thrilled to partner with Fellaz on this groundbreaking initiative,” said Dudley Chou, Managing Partner of UC Global, the organizer behind many Ultra events in Asia, including Ultra Abu Dhabi. “The use of NFTs for event ticketing is a growing trend in the entertainment industry, and our partnership with Fellaz and BNB Chain is a major step forward in bringing this technology to the mainstream. With its seamless integration and unmatched security, Fellaz’s NFT ticketing solution will provide a new level of convenience and engagement for fans and event organizers alike.” 

Fellaz and BNB Chain are committed to providing the best possible experience for fans coming to Ultra Abu Dhabi. Ultra Abu Dhabi is set to take place on March 4 and 5, 2023. Fellaz NFT Ticket powered by BNB Chain comes with exclusive benefits that can be claimed during and

after the event and is the only official tier that offers VIP Admission at Ultra Abu Dhabi 2023. This particular ticket will go on sale starting at a soon-to-be-announced date in February. 

Integrating NFTs into the ticketing process offers several advantages over traditional ticketing systems. NFTs offer a reliable and secure means of verifying ticket authenticity, guaranteeing entry access exclusively to those with legitimate tickets. This helps to combat the issue of ticket fraud, which has long been a problem in the music industry. 

Also, it allows for greater flexibility and convenience in the ticket-purchasing process. Ticket holders can easily transfer their tickets to friends or resell them on the secondary market without paying a fee to a reseller. This allows for a more seamless and hassle-free experience for music fans. Furthermore, the use of NFTs in the ticketing process enables the implementation of innovative features such as personalized and interactive festival experiences. 

In particular, NFT tickets for the event will provide fans with new opportunities for engagement and access. Upon verification of the NFT tickets held in Favorlet wallet, a multichain NFT-FIRST wallet, fans can access exclusive experiences and content on-site and beyond, such as fast-track access to the festival grounds, special meet-and-greet opportunities with artists, exclusive entry to VIP and VVIP zones, and redeemable non-fungible shots and footages of the stars and the real-time moments they want to cherish.