Can CBD be an excellent addition to your sunrise yoga routine?

Yoga is one of the ancient practices for mental, physical, and emotional wellness. Amidst the advancement of medical science, Yoga lost its glory. However, in the past decade, Yoga has again made space among people. CBD shares a similar story.

You might feel that connecting Yoga and cannabidiol is a new concept, but it is not. The cannabinoid was prevalent in ancient times, after which it became controversial and illegal. Now it is regaining its previous status. Vedas ( ancient scripture for spiritual guidance) mentions five sacred plants used by yogis ( the one who does Yoga). One of them is Cannabis. It means yogis have been consuming cannabinoids with their Yoga practice for a long time, since 2,000–1,400 BCE.

Today researchers are again trying to uncover the potential benefits of combining CBD. with Yoga. Today, you will also know a lot about whether CBD from brands, such as CBDistillery, could complement your Yoga routine or not.×608/attribute_rule_images/29987_source_1591722379.png

A Brief About Yoga and CBD

Yoga comes from the word ‘Yug’ ( a Sanskrit word). It means ‘to unite’ The yogic scriptures mention that Yoga results in the union of the soul with the supreme soul, giving a balance between mind, body, and nature.

While Yoga includes a range of health practices, most people focus on Asana ( postures), Dhyan ( meditation), and pranayama ( breathing regulations). CBD might support all these practices. It is a cannabinoid naturally occurring in hemp plants ( it does not get you high). Researchers have come across several possible benefits of the drug but do they add anything to your Yoga routine?

CBD and Yoga: A Combination Worth Trying?

Rachel Allen, a Yoga Practitioner, mentions on the Molecule site, “I first started pairing CBD with Yoga to calm my nerves around teaching Yoga, but what I got from CBD was far more than a relaxant. After a couple of weeks of consistent use, I found I could focus my mind more quickly during meditation, my muscles were a lot less achy after a busy week of teaching and the post-savasana ‘bliss’ lingered a little longer.”

The incident shows that cannabidiol might benefit your Yoga routine in several ways. Some of them are:

  • CBD, Yoga, and Anandamide

You might have heard of endorphins, the hormones for happiness and peace. Initially, scientists used to believe that endorphins were responsible for the mental well-being of our bodies. However, the new researches focus more on the endocannabinoid system, particularly Anandamide, a neurotransmitter,

The word Anandamide comes from a Sanskrit word, Anand. It means happiness, bliss, or delight. When you feel happy, your body naturally produces Anandamide. Anandamide is known to boost memory consolidation, mood, and pain reduction. Many research shows that healing practices, such as asanas, meditation, and pranayamas ( all come under the umbrella term Yoga), boost the release of Anandamide. However, the human body tends to decompose neurotransmitters. It is where CBD comes to your rescue.

It prevents the release of enzymes responsible for the metabolization of Anandamide, maintaining its level in the bloodstream. So, Yoga boosts the level of Anandamide, and it might sustain it. So, you can go for products from brands, such as CBDistillery, for desirable effects. It is one way your favorite drug and Yoga might go together.

  • CBD, Yoga, and Stress

Stress has become a part of life. People practice Yoga for stress management. Researchers also claim that this herb could reduce stress and anxiety in the body. When two things work for the same purpose, there is a high chance people would try to combine them for maximum benefit.

CBD contains a terpene known as Linalool. It is known to reduce the stress hormones in the body by regulating the endocannabinoid system. Yoga includes several postures known to maintain mental health issues. So, once it increases your body’s capability to fight stress, Yoga gives a more relaxing and calm effect.

  • CBD and Post Yoga Recovery

The postures in Yoga might result in pain or inflammation in the body. It would stop you from performing day-to-day activities and continuing your Yoga sessions. However, a list of research shows that this popular drug could deal with inflammation. The anti-inflammation property of CBD could help fight post-Yoga muscle soreness and pain.

  • CBD and Meditation

Dhyan or meditation is one of the most sought-after Yoga practices. However, a busy day or workload could make concentration difficult. Cannabidiol could support you in gaining the required focus. Regular use of this could help you overcome junk thoughts by making your mind passive. Thus, making meditation more comfortable.

So, CBD might make your Yoga practice more fruitful and productive.×608/products/2629/6363/CBDistillery_-_CBD_Gummies_-_Relax_AM_Tropical_Fruit_30mg__50298.1600290975.jpg?c=2

Precautions to Take

Although Yoga and CBD are natural ways, they might harm some sections. There is lack of studies on the negative impacts of the drug on Yoga. However, based on expert recommendations, these groups of people should avoid mixing cannabidiol with their Yoga routine.

  • People with a weak immunity system
  • Pregnant women
  • Women who are trying to conceive
  • People who are already consuming prescription drugs.

If you are one of these, you should avoid it. You can also ask a professional before consuming it. If they agree, you can have CBD without worrying.

Ways to Consume the drug For Yoga

You can consume CBD in several ways. While pairing it with Yoga, here are some most preferred ways.

  • Yoga might give you sore or stiff muscles or joints. You might rub some lotion or cream on the affected area after your Yoga session to ease the pain.
  • If you prefer protein drinks or fruit shakes during or post-yoga sessions, you might mix shakes with CBD or purchase a drink. It is a convenient way to consume it without extra effort.
  • If these ways do not entice you, prepare a smoothie, brownie, or salad. You can also choose CBD gummies.

While selecting any of the methods, remember the pros and cons of each. For instance, gummies are convenient but take time to show effects. While lotions are a quick way to get potential benefits of the drug, you cannot determine the exact dose with it.

Once you select the method comfortable for you, purchase from a reputable brand, such as CBDistillery. You can change things to avoid monotony.


Brownies and ice cream are delicious treats. When they come together, they become more magical. Likewise, Yoga and CBD might also add to each other’s benefits. Combining it with your Yoga sessions might make them more fun, exciting, and less stressful or painful.