Cantarino Brasileiro launches in Futurecom 2018 the platform Innovation Latam

TyN Magazine from Futurecom, San Pablo. Cantarino Brasileiro, specializing in communication and relationship marketing for the financial sector, announces in Futurecom 2018 the launch of the Innovation Latam platform, which seeks to foster international partnerships for the startups ecosystem. It is in final testing to start operations in January 2019.

According to João Pedro Brasileiro, director of Cantarino Brasileiro, Latin America is an extremely relevant market in the global scenario and must be able to act in a more unified way in order to generate impact. “There are several entities present in Latin America and abroad that have a lot of interest in knowing what is happening here, see the new investments we have received in the last few months of China – Nubank and 99 are good examples,” said the executive.
The platform is the result of a series of actions developed in recent years, such as the Latam Fintech Awards in 2017 and the Innovation Awards, which this year had more than 800 startups involved, reinforcing the strength of this segment in the region.
“We already have a good base of both partners and startups. In order for companies, consulates, universities, consultants, associations and investors to participate in the platform, it is necessary to show that they generate value for the startups by filling out a form that will be evaluated by the commission and the team of evaluators “, says Marcos Cantarino, director of Cantarino Brasileiro.
In addition to being digital, the Innovation Latam platform will feature the event grid in several Latin American cities, which strengthens the possibility of engagement between the parties and unites online and offline, which is very important for a healthy ecosystem.