CES 2023: Healthcare cluster of innovation at Eureka Park

The critical role that healthcare systems and professionals play has never been more evident than during COVID; Belgium stepped up to the challenge and has spurred on the urgent need for continuous innovation.
The Belgium Pavilion at Eureka Park is a showpiece of Europe’s digital transformation that increases the capacity of health care systems to deliver more personalised and effective health care with less resource wasting.

Willy Borsus, Minister of Economic Affairs of the Belgian federal region of Wallonia: “Research and innovation has the power to serve societal well-being, economic prosperity and environmental sustainability. It only can succeed through cooperation of the best research teams. The European Union offers support in financing reforms and investments towards such joint innovation projects that improve resilience and their growth potential and mitigate the economic and social impacts from the COVID-19 crisis.

I invite you to visit our healthcare innovators at the Belgium Pavilion at CES 2023 and join them. Start a conversation with our investment team to discuss complementary funding opportunities. Unlocking the full potential of new tools, technologies and digital solutions is part of an exciting journey towards a healthy society – join us, today.”

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The Belgium Pavilion is hosting the following companies in healthcare – pls RSVP to Eric Dauchy at eric.dauchy@theconstellationgroup.eu for a personal visit, online or in-person:

Develops wearable, combo-therapy medical devices for maximum user comfort. Our award-winning device for scar therapy is available in the United States.

Using 3D sensors, continuous movement tracking and artificial intelligence, MINTT specialises in the detection and prevention of falls in the elderly, with the aim of providing them with a better quality of life, better care and more autonomy.

In 2020, after more than 10 years of experience in the field of neuroscience, Feelin was created to put ‘human at the centre of marketing’ and thus, make testing of videos (of all kinds, in particular video ads) – which was previously only organised in laboratories – faster, cost-effective, and most importantly, more accessible to every company and agency.

Formyfit is the only app and digital coach for runners that provides fitness levels and calculates training speed to predict progress.

Provides you with the first multiple-use satellite rescue watch, so you can push the limits of your freedom and enjoy your outdoor activities without having to trade off your safety.

Two key words to describe our ecosystem: Transversal and multidisciplinary solution! We enable the linking of various care and service organisations to optimize the coordination and monitoring of the beneficiaries in their homes. Our ecosystem is aimed at the beneficiaries at the heart of the solution, and the care and service providers who work around it.

“A passion for medicine and compassion for people today promise better health care tomorrow.”

Renal Care & Research is a company specialising in the diagnosis and personalised treatment of patients suffering from kidney stone.
Because we believe that the education is the key to improve the care of patient suffering from chronic kidney disease, we focus on developing tools to facilitate therapeutic education of patients to prevent recurrence of kidney stone.