ChatGPT owner nears record 1bn unique users per month

New research has revealed that OpenAI is currently the fastest growing website among the top 50 most visited sites on the planet. Only months after launching the AI-powered conversational robot ChatGPT, is rapidly nearing one billion unique visitors per month. 

Leading Webflow agency VezaDigital analyzed traffic statistics for the top 50 websites with the highest total number of visits in March, based on data from Similarweb. It discovered that grew by 54.21% in traffic volume within a month – easily the greatest increase of all the top-ranking websites worldwide. 

Throughout March, a total of 847.8 million unique visitors accessed OpenAI’s website, meaning it climbed nine positions in the global ranking to number 18. It experienced an even bigger leap the month before, when it jumped 24 positions from being the world’s 51st most visited website to ranking at number 27. OpenAI has already surpassed the 1-billion-visits milestone in February this year, continuing to grow to 1.6 billion visits in March. Every ninth visitor is from the US – the website’s main source of traffic. 

Stefan Katanic, CEO of Veza Digital  commented on the findings: “The ChatGPT phenomenon spread like wildfire at the end of 2022 and we expect it to soon break all records of being the fastest ever website to reach 1 billion monthly active users in such an incredibly short space of time.  

“This is indicative of a clear public interest in AI-powered solutions, which legislators are rushing to regulate before it spirals into unchartered territories, like artwork copyright and ethical challenges. Debates about AI are divisive, but one thing we can probably all agree on is that AI is no longer the future – it is the present. 

“We believe that AI will play a big role in over 50% of businesses in the next five years, as such we are even looking to embrace this technology advancements in our daily operations as well as strategically geo-positioning of our company.” 

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