Cloud mining is about to usher in the spring of making money

With the news of the halving of Bitcoin output, it is expected that after April 2024, the mining difficulty of ordinary miners will increase sharply, and the mining rewards of miners will be significantly reduced or even insufficient to maintain mining costs. By then, there will be 15% – 20% of the existing hash rate will be taken offline from Bitcoin mining. Since Bitcoin has been hovering above $51,000 in 2024, it can be speculated that after the miner reshuffle is completed, along with the reduction in currency output, Bitcoin will usher in a new round of surge, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, etc. Other cryptocurrencies are also set to experience skyrocketing prices.

Simpleminers is a mining platform focused on mining Bitcoin (BTC). It was developed in 2019. The developers of Simpleminers claim that the platform has become the world’s top mining platform and integrates the most advanced Bitcoin mining technology. It has deployed the most powerful computing power base, contributing approximately 1.5% of the world’s Bitcoin (BTC) computing power (hash rate). Simpleminers believes that with the skyrocketing price of various cryptocurrencies and the forced departure of ordinary miners, mining platforms with advanced mining technology and computing power are about to usher in the spring of making money.

In order to increase the speed of Bitcoin mining, Simpleminers is continuing to increase the deployment of computing power (hash rate). In order to solve the capital needs during the market adjustment period, Simpleminers has launched cloud mining services to share the efficient benefits of Bitcoin mining with investors.


To use Simpleminers for cloud mining, you only need to complete three simple steps:

Step1: Create an account at Simpleminers and register.

  You only need to set up your login email, account, and password on the registration form on the official website to complete the registration and receive a $10 trial bonus.

Step 2: Choose a project contract that suits you.

  Simpleminers provides you with a variety of contracts with different “hash power” amounts. You can participate with $100, and the daily yield is as high as 3%. You can choose any of them, or buy multiple different contracts or multiples of the same contract, depending on your needs.


Step 3: Pay the required amount to the contract to start cloud mining with Simpleminers.

In addition, Simpleminers provides 24-hour online services from a team of experts, pays profits daily, and provides customers with mobile APP download services to facilitate users’ contract subscription and redemption operations, ensuring the security and visibility of user funds. Simpleminers does not charge any maintenance fees except for contract fees, making it a truly low-cost, high-yield cloud mining platform.

To know more, you can log on to their official website: