Congo: 161 billion FCFA for mobile payments

Financial transactions in Congo through mobile payment have been on an evolving curve since the start of the year, especially last July when they reached 1.4 billion FCFA. In total, 161 billion FCFA ($ 291 million) were mobilized in the space of one year, an increase of 23.5% compared to the transactions recorded in July 2020.

A fluctuation in the market that has occurred. explains, among other things, by the ever-increasing number of subscribers, but also the openness to this segment by mobile telephone operators who are increasing the number of offers aimed at customers, reveals a recent report from the French Regulatory Agency. posts and electronic communications (ARPCE).

During the period under review, the mobile money market recorded an increase of 2.7 million active subscribers, which corresponds globally to more than 55.2 million transactions. Deposits represented 65.5 billion against 51.8 billion for withdrawals.

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Despite the health crisis linked to the coronavirus pandemic which negatively impacted operations, the business plan aimed at national coverage continued, allowing thousands of people to access electronic payment.

In details, the South African subsidiary Mobile telephon network (MTN) occupies the upper hand with more than 46.3 million transactions, against about 8.8 million transactions for the Congolese subsidiary of the Indian group Airtel, the other operators sharing the rest of the market, including the local subsidiary of the French multinational Orange.