Courtyard, physically-backed NFT platform, partners with brink’s to safeguard assets

Courtyard, a new physically-back NFT platform, has formed a partnership with Brink’s Inc., the global leader in secure logistics and asset protection. Through the partnership, Brink’s will provide secure storage for all physical goods connected to Courtyard’s physically-backed NFTs. Courtyard’s first NFT drop will consist of 1,000 graded Pokémon cards, which will be stored in Brink’s facilities and can be shipped to users if they redeem the corresponding NFT at any time.

“This partnership between a crypto native startup and a well established security institution opens up a new ecosystem for physically-backed NFTs, which will alleviate the common frictions of trading collectibles in the physical world,” says co-founder and CEO of Courtyard, Nicolas LeJeune.

The arrangement helps Courtyard bring an unmatched degree of reliability to the emerging physically-backed NFT space. The physical counterpart of any Courtyard NFT will be continuously accounted for and protected through Brink’s intelligent safe services, which ensures proper conditions for the goods. Brink’s will also leverage their international transportation footprint when a Courtyard NFT holder opts to redeem their NFT to receive the physical item in exchange. Both companies look forward to implementing the first truly secure and scalable physically-backed NFT ecosystem.     

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“We’re excited to partner with Courtyard and lend our international secure storage and transportation solutions as well as our experience to help transform what collectibles mean to investors and how they interact with them. Brink’s has always valued being a technology-driven company and we look forward to taking this step into Web3 with Courtyard,” adds Oliver Buckle-Wright, Senior Commercial Director, Brink’s Global Services Limited.

Courtyard will hold their genesis drop during the first week of March and will expand to include other collectible goods stored at Brink’s facilities, such as watches and other luxury collectibles.