Cryptoeconomy: Understanding forex market

The forex market such as trading platforms is the most liquidity market in terms of exchanged volume. Similarly, as every other stock sector is guided by supply and demand, so is this one. The forex sector may be a lucrative place to buy, but only if you know what you’re doing. Before you can even put your first trade, you’ll need to take in many details and absorb them. It’s a good idea to keep reading and studying various subjects and go through some of the currency trading theory fundamentals.

Forex markets and how they are traded?

  • The only contrast between the forex markets and the bond markets and all other forms of capital markets is the trading currencies’ uncertainty.
  • Currencies fluctuate in value owing to two main factors: global variables and international activities.
  • This ensures that, although currency valuations can swing significantly in any direction, they are usually less volatile than equity markets.
  • This is one of the key explanations why leverage is so critical in forex markets. By inflating trade volumes, leverage essentially simulates the impact of fluctuations by rendering even smaller up-and-down moves more extreme.
  • In a related way, since money is the most volatile commodity, forex markets are considerably more liquid than all other forms of capital markets.
  • Unlike an equity buy, which would either be saved for a payout or exchanged for cash, money is now capital, meaning positions are transferred much quicker, and orders are filled far faster than in most capital markets.
  • Foreign exchange investing, commonly known as forex, maybe a smart way to earn money by trading in a potentially limited area of analysis than many other stock markets.
  • For those that wish to be competitive, the key is to consider how markets function, how they can respond to various stimuli, and how you can handle the potentially huge market exposure risks.
  • We’ll look at how to accomplish these targets in the parts below to have the highest return on your investment from the forex markets.

Forex Market hours


  • Before we talk about the right opportunities to sell, let’s have a look at what a 24-hour business day feels like in the forex sector.
  • The forex sector is split into four main trading sessions: the Tokyo session, Sydney Trading sessions, the London session, and the New York session.
  • There are three peak exchange sessions in the forex industry, according to history.
  • Rather than trade the forex markets 24 hours a day, traders mostly concentrate on one of the three trading cycles. The “forex 3-session system” is what this is defined as.
  • The Asian, North American, and European sessions, also known as Tokyo, New York, and London sessions, are included in these sessions.
  • Some traders tend to distinguish sessions using continent terms, whereas others prefer to use city names.

Forex Market hours chart in GMT

Market SessionSummer Hours (GMT)Winter Hours (GMT)
North American Open12:00 PM01:00 PM
North American Close 09:00 PM10:00 PM
Tokyo Open11:00 PM11:00 PM
Tokyo Close08:00 AM08:00 AM
European Open07:00 AM08:00 AM
European Close04:00 PM05:00 PM
Sydney Open10:00 PM09:00 PM
Sydney Close07:00 AM06:00 AM


Stock Market Holidays in 2021

NASDAQ and NYSE Holidays20212022
New Year’s DayJanuary 1stN/A
Martin Luther King, Jr. DayJanuary 18thJanuary 17th
Washington’s BirthdayFebruary 15thFebruary 21st
Good FridayApril 2ndApril 15th
Memorial DayMay 31stMay 30th
Independence DayJuly 5thJuly 4th
Labor DaySeptember 6thSeptember 5th
Thanksgiving DayNovember 25thNovember 24th
Christmas DayDecember 24thDecember 26th

4 Forex Market tools to start with

MetaTrader 4/5 Trading platform

Advanced trading platforms, such as MetaTrader 4 and 5 (MT4/5) through MetaQuotes, enable traders to place orders and include various features for real-time analysis of the forex market. MetaTrader serves hundreds of trading robots and technical indicators and specializes in the application of automated trading.

Time zone converter

Since some trading sessions and periods are easier than others for trading particular currency pairs in terms of liquidity, volatility, and trading rate, forex traders should recognize when certain times are in their local time zone.

Stock market calculator

When you buy and sell a warehouse, you will use this equation to work out the net gains and losses. By entering the option rates of the stock you want to buy and the stock you want to offer, you will measure trading commissions. The majority of online investment banks also deliver commission-free trades, helping you bring your trading expenses to a minimum.

By entering the buying price, the sale price, the selling amount, and the number of shares in the stock calculator, you will measure your benefit. Fees for sale and purchasing are completely at the option of the consumer and seller. Free transactions are now available from a variety of major online equity brokerage companies.

Economic calendar

When relevant economic data that may influence currency pairs is released, an economic calendar lists its publication period and date. Jobs and inflation estimate and GDP and central bank meeting dates are all included in the details.

Final Thoughts

  • A currency trader’s perception of Forex markets’ opening and closing times are critical.
  • The ability to sell at times when there is more liquidity will help you save money.
  • New traders would benefit from a more systematic approach to understanding the forex market’s overall economic fundamentals.