Eurocoinix review – Top features of the broker

Are you wondering why you should read Eurocoinix review before you start using their trading services? It doesn’t matter which broker you are signing up with; you should always do your research and assess their services before making a decision. After all, it is a huge commitment because you will deposit your hard-earned money with them and also share a great deal of personal information. Are you willing to do that without knowing much about the company? It certainly wouldn’t be a smart move on your part and can lead to disaster.

This is because there are plenty of scam brokers operating in the market and they are waiting for an opportunity just like this one to exploit people. Rather than giving them a chance, you should do your research. In the case of Eurocoinix, which is advertised as a professional online broker, you can check out the review below to know the top features it can offer to you:

Feature 1: Good security

As mentioned above, you have to entrust your chosen broker with your personal information and your money, which leaves you quite vulnerable. Your money could be stolen and identity compromised, if not by the broker, then by other cybercriminals. Therefore, you need to ensure that the company you choose has taken appropriate security measures to prevent this from happening. Not every platform will be able to accomplish this, but a quick look at Eurocoinix shows that they have done a good job of it.

They have used customer account segregation rules for maintaining client deposits, which means they are kept separate and with top financial institutions to prevent theft and misappropriation. In addition, the Eurocoinix brokerage is also compliant with AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know-Your-Customer) policies, which can keep cybercriminals at bay. Lastly, they have opted to use advanced SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption for keeping all the personal and confidential data safe.

Feature 2: Intuitive trading platform

If there is one prominent feature that can help a broker stand out in the market, it is their trading platform. This software is used for doing the actual trading, so it is an important part of the whole process and it appears that Eurocoinix has knocked it out of the park. They have an intuitive and user-friendly trading platform designed for beginners and skilled traders alike, without making any compromises in terms of tools or performance. First off, you should note that it is a web-based platform i.e. accessed through the browser.

This means there is no downloading to be done and you can use it on any device, whether PC, laptop or mobile devices. Cutting-edge technology has been used by Eurocoinix for delivering efficient and quick trading execution, allowing traders to take advantage of any and all price movements. They have also added a range of trading tools for boosting efficiency, which include interactive charting tools, a number of trading indicators and signals, different types of market analysis, a market calendar and various order types as well.

Feature 3: Impressive asset offerings

The profits that you can make from the financial markets depend a great deal on the assets you are trading. Every market comprises of different instruments and their profit potential as well as risk factor varies. While many brokers in the market promise the top assets to their clients, many of them fail to deliver this and it can be hugely disappointing to find out after you have signed up. Hence, it is better to know beforehand, so you can make a decision accordingly.

You will not have to worry about any disappointment about Eurocoinix’s asset offerings because they have done an excellent job. There are more than 200 assets that can be traded on their platform and they belong to the top global markets. This means that you will be able to make some solid returns when you decide to use their platform for your trading. In addition, the wide range of assets also enable traders to diversify their investment portfolio. This is regarded as a great strategy for reducing the risks associated with trading and boosting your profits.

If you have a high risk tolerance, you can trade numerous forex currency pairs on the Eurocoinix trading platform. Other lucrative options include the stock and indices market. If you prefer to make stable returns, you can opt for the commodities market that boasts low volatility. One of the latest additions that have been made is that of cryptocurrencies, which have become immensely popular and are known for offering high returns due to their volatility.

Feature 4: Solid customer support

If there is one feature that can make or break any brokerage, it is the customer support they provide. If your customers are unhappy, they are obviously going to look for other brokers and that’s not something any company wants. Providing support is necessary because there could be technical issues with the trading platform that traders need help with, or they may have questions about the broker’s procedures. Either way, traders don’t like waiting or being left hanging and Eurocoinix doesn’t do any of these things.

They have chosen to provide their clients with 24/5 customer support via multiple channels, in order to ensure they are able to get help them they need it. If you check out their website, you can find an email address as well as a phone number that can be used for contacting their team. Another option that you can use is to fill out the contact form on their website and they will get in touch with you. Plus, Eurocoinix has also added an FAQ section on their website, where answers to common questions have been provided.


Along with these features, you will find numerous account options, tight spreads and extremely low commissions, as well as educational resources that are also provided by Eurocoinix. All of this can be immensely helpful during your trading journey and help you enjoy the experience, without having to worry about anything.