Futurecom begins, the most important technological event in Latin America

TyN Magazine from Futurecom, San Pablo. The 20th edition of Futurecom – the largest and most important technology and telecommunications event in Latin America, to be held by Informa Exhibitions from October 15 to 18 at São Paulo Expo in São Paulo – will promote a broad discussion on the impact of new technologies in a hyperconnected world. One of the highlights of the event will be Anny, the first humanoid robot, whose main mission is to simulate skills and conversations, as well as to perform functions as secretary, receptionist and even escort for the elderly and people with special needs.

Currently, Anny is involved in projects in the health and care segments in several countries. Developed by Realbotix in partnership with NextOS do Brasil and Daxtron of the United States, the robot can be customized according to each company’s strategy. The expectation of companies is to deliver, during 2019, about 100 heads and busts, which will be present in hospitals, offices and events.

In addition to Anny, visitors will have the opportunity to meet other robots like Ada, who acts as a trainee for a company; the NAO, master of ceremonies, and the robozão of 2 meters, that will circulate by the fair.

During the event, the visitor will be able to know solutions that help in the production of a winery, from the planting for sale; systems that use Analytics to identify letters and numbers of car plates that often appear illegible in the images taken on the streets by CCTV cameras that are low resolution; demonstrations involving the characteristics and impacts of 5G technology in the transformation of telecommunications, as well as immersive experiences from the use of IoT platforms.

At Futurecom, a solution will be presented for Smart Agriculture. It is a device that is fixed by a collar to the body of the cows, to monitor their activity in the pasture and to send the information via cellular network to a server that stores the behavioral data of the animals and that can be accompanied by the manager of the farm . As a result, it is possible to know more precisely when, for example, a cow enters the fertile period, since its activity increases at that time. In China this technology is already used in more than 1 million connected animals, generating a 25% increase in milk revenue.

For Hermano Pinto, portfolio director of Informa Exhibitions and responsible for Futurecom, the 20-year edition will bring together the digital transformation ecosystem, which will show how blockchain, cognitive and artificial intelligence, machine learning, reality virtual and augmented, smart cities, data security, big data and analytics provide new experiences that will impact relationships in Economy 4.0.

Completely renovated, Futurecom will have spaces designed to expose applications that directly involve connectivity. This is the case, for example, of the area that hosts Internet demonstrations of Things or Space Networks – exhibition of companies focused on networks, services, integration and infrastructure suppliers and ancillary equipment. Another area is Futuretech, an environment specifically designed to showcase the technologies that drive disruption and the way you do business. Startups, accelerators and the academic environment will have the Innovation space, with an environment specially created to help them in mentoring, dynamics, hackathons and investor search.

Learn more about the news that will be presented by the speakers and speakers:

5G Americas

Promotes the fifth edition of the 5G Americas Wireless Summit on October 15, at the Mauá Arena 1, which will bring together experts from Latin America, the Caribbean and Brazil to talk about 5G technology, its impacts to the market and society. Invitations will be free to the general public.


ABRINT (Brazilian Association of Internet and Telecommunications Providers) participates in the 20th edition of Futurecom, with an agenda of debates focused on the most relevant issues in the internet provider market – a sector that is equivalent to more than 18% of total bandwidth accesses in Brazil (according to Anatel data). For the second consecutive year, the entity promotes the “ABRINT Moment”: a morning of lectures, scheduled for October 18, which will address topics such as the new Anatel General Competition Goals Plan (PGMC); post sharing; Structural Plan for Telecommunication Networks (PERT) and the Financing of Providers. Two executives of the association also integrate panels, on November 17 at 2:30 p.m., the president, Basílio Perez, will be present in “How Can Regulation Remove Brazil from the Dialed Connection Age?”; and at 2 pm, the councilor Erich Rodrigues, will be part of “ISP’s | Allways Connected Satellites: Which is the best technology solution for the business? “.


At its booth, the company will feature prototypes and interactive demos such as chatbots and solutions based on artificial intelligence, as well as the presentation of exclusive materials on topics addressed to the sector. Local and global executives will participate in traditional and premium panels during the event’s programming, where they will address issues such as artificial intelligence, network regulation, infrastructure virtualization, 5G network and future telecommunication.


Celebrating 20 years in Brazil and during Futurecom, the company will demonstrate all its innovation in practice. With stakes in four of the congressional panels, Amdocs executives will discuss relevant issues such as network virtualization, artificial intelligence, 5G and streaming. At its booth (H12), Amdocs will have available numerous demos that will show, in practice, all the innovation developed by the company. The main themes of the demos are: GDPR, Omnichannel, Entertainment / Streaming, Digital ID, Artificial Intelligence and Amdocs Intelligent Operations.

American Tower

The company brings to Futurecom 2018 some of its innovations for the telecommunications infrastructure sector. The highlight will be the launch / commercial opening of the IoT / LoRaWAN Network in Brazil, which already exceeds 150 thousand activated devices. In operation in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte, corresponding to about 24% of the Brazilian GDP, the neutral network provides long-range and low-cost coverage for IoT applications and has as technological partner Everynet, the company responsible for supply and network radios / gateways. Its traffic covers more than 1.5 million messages per day, with an estimated 1 million devices connected to the network by the end of 2019.

Through this initiative, combined with the portfolio of solutions for the telecommunications infrastructure sector, American Tower presents Futurecom’s public with all its expertise and expands its portfolio in the area of ​​technology, showing the comprehensive business solutions developed for the market.

Angola Cables

Angola Cables will officially announce the start-up of SACS (South Atlantic Cable System), a submarine cable considered the fastest link between Africa and the Americas due to its lower latency and to provide a more direct route for Internet, via the Southern Hemisphere. Built and deployed by the renowned Japanese company NEC, the submarine cable of Telecom Angola Cables is one of the most advanced submarine telecommunications systems to enter commercial operation connecting Angola (Africa) and Brazil (South America) .

In addition, along with the start-up of SACS operations, Angola Cables will announce at Futurecom the launch of unprecedented connectivity to Europe and the major European Traffic Exchange Points (PTTs) via Africa and privately through SACS – that is, without necessarily passing through the United States.


The world leader in entertainment and communications technology, the company will introduce new solutions such as HomeAssure, which enables operators to have a powerful tool to manage equipment and direct customers to optimized access points and extensions, always allowing the best broadband connection. It will also feature converters for Android TV, which offer 4K HDR image quality, access to the Android Marketplace and state-of-the-art consumer experiences.


In response to the technological disruption that companies are experiencing in the ecosystem with the adoption of IoT and 5G, Ciena is helping service providers rapidly transform and scale their networks to adapt to growing connectivity pressures. High bandwidth applications such as cloud computing, online gaming, and video streaming require networks that can adjust to meet unpredictable demands and not rely on automation to react. Ciena’s Adaptive Network not only positions service providers better to keep up with technological advances and fluctuating bandwidth demands, but also to remain competitive in the marketplace. Built on three foundation elements, including intelligence, automation and programmability, an adaptive network enables providers to develop their current infrastructure to achieve better business results in a world that will soon be dominated by billions of devices interacting with machines, users and clouds.


In addition to exposing fiber optic portfolio solutions, the company will bring to Brazil the global Vice President of the Carrier Networks department, Stephen Mitchell, and will participate in two presentations on March 17 with Marketing Development Director Joe Jensen: the lecture “The Impact of 5G on Optical Fiber Structures” (at 11:20 AM at Arena Mauá 1); and the panel “5G and its ability to handle a wide range of use cases and disruptive models” (at 2:30 p.m., in the Rondon Room). Reinforcing the importance of Brazil and Latin America for Corning’s business, Futurecom will be attended by Stephen Mitchell, Vice President of the Carrier Networks area, dedicated to serving the telecommunication operators.

Dell EMC

Supplier that brings together comprehensive and innovative offerings of enterprise IT solutions – enhances Futurecom 2018’s most complete and innovative portfolio of infrastructure solutions on the market. In addition to data center transformation and modernization solutions, with converged and hyper-converged infrastructures, servers, storage, networking and data protection appliances, the company will also demonstrate the new Dell EMC PowerEdge MX modular server. new high-performance modular infrastructure designed to support traditional, new and emerging workloads. The novelty represents the first infrastructure architecture prepared for future technologies and disaggregated servers.

Dell EMC executives participate in four panels with themes focused on Big Data, Transformations in Telecommunications, Cloud Computing and NFV. On Tuesday, Oct. 16, from 11:20 p.m. to 1:00 p.m., Marcos Omura participates in the panel “The Cloud Path: Expanding Opportunities to Meet Unpredictable Demands and Explosive Data Volumes.” In the afternoon, from 5:10 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., Leonardo Araujo discusses “Big DataAnalytics gathering information on a DataSmall Data”. On October 17, from 3:40 p.m. to 5:20 p.m., Marcelo Medeiros talks about “Telco Transformation – the inevitable change in the quest to do better”. The same afternoon, between 1620 and 18h, Eric Vallone is part of the panel “Viable transition in the SDN NFV infrastructure for delivery of new services”.


The company will participate in the congress with five lectures:

Date and time, Location, Topic and Speaker:

  • 16/10 – 10h10 às 10h40 Arena Mauá 1 AI, robotics and automation – put the humans in the loop (AI, robotics and automation – put humans on the circuit) Jefferson Denti, a leading partner in Digital & Analytics
  • 16/10 – 11:20 a.m. 11:50 Arena Mauá 2 GDPR – Impacts in Brazil Marcelos Matos de Farias, Partner of Cybersecurity
  • 17/10 – 9:35 am to 10:05 am Mauá Arena 2 Blockchain in Telcos, a disruptive technology Roberto Takao Oikawa, Senior Manager of Consulting
  • 17/10 – 11h10 às 13h Auditorium Brazil Opening of the premium panel “How and when will 5G become profitable in Latin America?” Phil Wilson, Telecommunications, Strategy and Operations Managing Director (Deloitte US)
  • 17/10 – 14h30 às 16h10 Landell Auditorium Opening of panel “5G and its wide range of use cases and disruptive models Marcia Ogawa, TMT industry partner


Using more than 10 demos to present new use cases and through executive participation in 10 discussion boards and 4 Meet-Ups, Ericsson will demonstrate at Futurecom 2018 how 5G will give operators the ability to improve their existing business – featuring the steps telephony operators must take to plan the future and grow their revenues from using 5G. In addition, the company will highlight new value chains to be explored with regard to the digitization of various market sectors, as the new technology opens up new opportunities in new ecosystems. Relevant business announcements will also be made with major carriers in Brazil, reinforcing its positioning of “5G Ready – Ericsson ready for 5G & r dquo ;. “The 5G is already a reality for Ericsson and we want to share this with the industry, working together with our customers and partners to put Brazil closer to this new technology,” said Eduardo Ricotta, president of Ericsson in Brazil.


Huawei will showcase Futurecom’s IoT Applications space as a solution for Intelligent Agriculture. It is a device that is fixed by a collar to the body of the cows, serving to monitor their activity in the pasture and send the information via cellular network to a server that stores the behavioral data of the animals and that can be accompanied by the manager of the farm. As a result, it is possible to know more precisely when, for example, a cow enters the fertile period, since its activity increases at that time. In this way, it is easier to identify the best time for artificial insemination, increasing the chances of success of the procedure. Knowing the exact timing of insemination helps increase the likelihood of a male or female calf being born, depending on the breeder’s business strategy, for example, to indicate whether breeding is dedicated to beef cattle or milk production. In China this technology is already used in more than 1 million connected animals, generating a 25% increase in milk revenue.

On October 16, Huawei’s executive sales manager, Rodolfo Fiasco, will participate in a panel on transforming networks for the arrival of 5G. Miguel Pastor Faria is the guest of the panel on Cloud to talk about business operations. Marcelo Yamamoto talks about the preparation of networks for the near future driven by a huge amount of data. And Ricardo Mansano participates in a panel on Smart Cities and how the new technologies can be used as benefits for the population. On October 17th, it is Bruno Alvarenga’s turn to address the latest solutions and applications for the 5G band, which will soon be part of our market – which will also be discussed by Carlos Rosario in a second panel. Juelinton Silveira discusses the regulatory environment and ways for the modernization of networks in the country and Carlos Garcia will discuss the transformation of telecommunications in Brazil and its changes. Rubens Mendonça closed Huawei’s participation in the panels with its forecasts on viability and profitability of 5G in Latin America. Completing 20 years of presence in the Brazilian market, Huawei will also showcase solutions for mobile, fixed, cloud and Intelligent Cities networks. Recently, the company presented, together with Vivo, a project to use the 5G mobile network in a virtual reality test and demonstration of usability in new applications of very low latency and high speeds.


It will bring to the event telephony and PBX systems in the cloud provided by IDT Brasil and Net2Phone. The solutions allow users to have telephone numbers and extensions in their companies, with additional features of a PBX. The service is made available according to the needs and size of the customer, with flexibility to choose the volume of extensions.


The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) will hold a talk show on October 16 at 11:55 AM at Arena Mauá 2, with engineers André Gradvohl and Raul Colcher on ways to ensure security and privacy, threatened by the advancement of technology . IEEE members will focus on two main themes: how the Internet of Things and Smart Cities will affect the everyday lives of ordinary people, and how massive access to Big Data threatens privacy and security.

IT Brazil

A company consolidated in the market, but with soul of startup that was born to serve the ecosystem of TIC. This is how IT Brasil marks its participation in Futurecom 2018 and presents the new solutions of Consultancy in Transformation Digital Chatbot. The first one aims to identify gaps, opportunities and better paths for specific technology applications in its clients and the second one offers a new level of communication between companies and consumers, focusing on the user experience.


Specialist in equipment for public and private communications centers, the company from Santa Catarina will take its consecrated portfolio to the 20th edition of Futurecom and will launch solutions organized in the following areas: Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Operators, Corporate Scenarios and IoT. One of the highlights will be Manager One, which centralizes the entire call flow in the core, allowing the manager to have visibility and control of the operation on a single platform, in real time.


The company will recreate a winery where it will present several of its ICT solutions that help in the wine production process. In addition to the solutions that accompany the planting, harvesting, production, transportation and sale of a product, the company illustrates in the winery how the use of technology can improve the customer experience. Through its participation in all processes, Logicalis can show in practice the scope of its portfolio, in particular the EUGENIO, its IoT platform. The company will also bring solutions to the health sector. By means of sensors and registration in Blockchain, it is possible to track and control clinical samples, both during transportation and storage, ensuring quality and integrity of information and products.


NEC will bring solutions inspired by Japan, the country of origin of the company and one of the most developed in the world in terms of technology and the dynamics of society, celebrating its 50th anniversary in Brazil. In the company’s stand will be set a passenger transport terminal, which represents a public space with applications that will be integrated by a modern Command and Control Center (CCC), through which security teams can monitor all actions and generate predetermined alerts, such as the identification of missing and wanted persons. One of the highlights will be the launch of the Super Resolution system, adapted to Brazilian standards. Through the use of Analytics, the technology can identify letters and numbers of car plates that often appear illegible in the images captured on the streets by CCTV cameras. Super Resolution is a platform aimed at the criminal investigation segment and has the potential to effectively assist Brazilian law enforcement authorities.


The company will bring real cases and immersive experiences in agribusiness, energy, industry 4.0, cloud and mission critical communications. The company wants to show Latin America’s growth potential in connectivity and monetization of operations and services.


German company with presence in Brazil celebrates its 15th anniversary during the event. What started as a ticketing system to support classic IT service management scenarios is today a software suite used globally to respond to a wide range of operational applications. OTRS has native language support, allowing international organizations to share a single system.


Qualcomm, a global leader in providing mobile chipsets, will demonstrate global impact solutions that are pillars for the transformation of industries. In its booth there will be simulations of Internet use of Things, houses and cars connected, QSiP – mobile platform of IoT manufactured in Brazil. One of the highlights will be the presentation of an immersive IoT experience, which supports grape growing for the production of wine (smart wine).


The company will bring connectivity solutions, especially the Lightweight M2M device manager. Market leader in IoT with more than 20 years of market, Telit was one of the pioneers in providing IoT products and services in Latin America. The company will also participate in the conference with the lecture “Connecting meters to energy and people concessionaires, forming smart networks”, on October 16, from 4:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.


During the event, Sami Foguel, the company’s new CEO, will speak for the first time after taking office in 2018. On October 17, Sami will give a lecture from 10:40 p.m., and in the afternoon (3:40 p.m.) will participate in the panel of presidents of the telecommunications companies to discuss the transformations of the sector. In addition to the CEO, TIM will be represented by several executives in panels and lectures during the four days of the event that will address topics such as 5G, digital transformation, innovation, IoT and its applications, 20 years of telecommunications regulation, Artificial Intelligence, use of Big Data, among other subjects. Agribusiness, one of the strategic pillars of the operator, will be highlighted during Futurecom. TIM will be present at the Connected Agriculture stand along with Nokia, BR Fibra and other agro market vendors to demonstrate the companies’ initiatives in bringing process digitization to one of the most important industries in the country.


The company will make demonstrations of 1Gbps to home, 100G backbone, 5G wireless and its NITRO solution, making the entire network path, which will allow visitors to learn more about end-to-end solutions. Viavi will also have two lectures. On the 16th, at 2:35 pm, specialist Luis Couto will discuss new measurements in optical networks on the Networks stage, in addition to the challenges of measuring OSNR in 100G Pol-Mux networks. On the 17th, at 2:00 pm, Everton Souza will participate, also on the Networks stage, on “Interferences in telecommunications networks in the current networks up to 5G”.

WDC Networks

In synergy with the operational and financial needs of the technology market, WDC Networks will highlight the IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) model for product acquisition. The company, which turns 15 in 2018, will participate for the first time in the event and will be supported by TP Link, Grandstream, Lidera, Cambium and ECI brands.