Gold explodes to over $1,970 an ounce

Once again, gold is progressing quite aggressively with a price that passed 1,970 dollars an ounce. Behind many precious metals gained big like palladium which took more than 2% on the day.

Gold to the heights

What a rise! The price of gold continues to take points and could quickly pass 2,000 dollars an ounce. A level from which it is not very far with a price which this morning passed 1,975 dollars an ounce before falling in the middle of the day towards 1,965 dollars an ounce. Gold thus gained more than 1.30% on the day for a course that is still approaching the peaks.

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It is also not the only precious metal to record strong growth. The price of silver took more than 3.75% to explode the counters and pass the 24,500 dollars per ounce. Palladium also gained points with a price that passed the 2% increase for a price of 1,665 dollars per ounce. Platinum also gained points with 3.58% taken and a price that passed 1,035 dollars an ounce.

gold course Thursday February 2, 2023

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Widespread increases

Of course, and apart from precious metals, all sectors were making progress. Some manufactured products even exploded the counters like US orange juice which took more than 7% per day. Behind US coffee took 2%, soy flour took 1.26% when the price of US sugar took 0.70%.

A general rise in commodities with some falls. The price of aluminum directly in London lost 0.36%, the price of diesel in London lost 2% when the price of Cocoa Us lost 0.29%. Few falls therefore, and above all many strong increases, especially for precious metals.

Source: Financial Brokerage