Google customers ranked ‘most loyal’ in Fortune 100

Companies often ask, “How likely are you to recommend our company to a friend or colleague?” to gauge customer satisfaction and loyalty through the Net Promoter Score (NPS).  

NPS is now widely adopted, used by over two-thirds of Fortune 1000 companies, as stated by Harvard Business Review. By June 2022, searches for ‘Net Promoter Score’ surged by 752% worldwide compared to past averages, with interest quadrupling from 2021. 

However, some stakeholders sought high scores by gaming the NPS system instead of improving services.  

In response, a new study, the Customer Loyalty Index by B2B Marketplace DesignRush, identifies the Fortune 100 companies with the most loyal customers, with Alphabet (Google) topping the list. 

The Customer Loyalty Index evaluates loyalty through six equally weighted pillars: company finances, average rating and volume of reviews, an NPS of reviews, social media following and engagement, customer service-related Google searches and YouGov popularity. 

Top 10 Fortune 100 companies with the highest customer loyalty 

Taking a list of the 100 largest U.S. companies by revenue, according to Fortune, each company was ranked according to 20 data points relating to six Customer Loyalty Index pillars. The top ten is revealed, with tech companies sweeping four places. Alphabet takes the top spot, with Lowe’s and Intel ranking second and third.  

      Rank      Company      Finances      Reviews      NPS      Social Media      Customer Service      YouGov Popularity      Overall 
     1     Alphabet     69.9     79.2     83.3     77.9     23.3     97.5     71.9 
     2     Lowe’s     39.5     47     100     58.2     28.7     100     62.2 
     3     Intel     37     41.7     70.1     66.1     72.3     84.1     61.9 
     4     Apple     80     60.7     41.5     83.9     19.1     85.6     61.8 
     5     Coca-Cola     39     45.7     39.6     73.3     72.3     88.4     59.7 
     6     PepsiCo     44.5     28.9     48.8     74.4     70.1     84.1     58.5 

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