Group500 Review – A smart choice for online traders

In this Group500 review, I will be talking about all the reasons why Group500 is a smart choice for online traders. Group500 is an online trading firm that has a good reputation among traders and is a widely recommend name. It can be difficult to choose from the vast variety of brokers available on the internet and, as with all trades on the internet, not all brokers can be trusted. Even the trustworthy choices don’t always offer the best trading conditions.

With Group500, you don’t have to worry about any aspect being unfavorable to you. This is because the firm makes sure that it provides premium trading conditions which include a reduced trading cost in regards to commissions and leverage, advanced trading tools, and much more. So, let’s review some of these features.

Smart Features of Group500

Multiple Account Options

If you have been looking into other brokers, you may have noticed the trend of multiple account options. Online brokerage firms provide users with different account types to accommodate traders from different backgrounds. You should not settle with firms that only support limited account options because they are likely to be inconsiderate of the needs of traders. Group500 also provides users with a similar option by making five different account types available to them. These accounts range from the basic to the VIP account.

The basic account option is Silver which has an initial deposit requirement of $10,000. You may think that this price is high and you will be right because many other firms offer a cost as low as $100. But you should imagine the rate of profit that you will be making from such cheap accounts. The other accounts that you can choose from include the Gold, Platinum, Signature, and VIP accounts. The signature account is something that all professional traders choose because it provides the ideal conditions that a trader required. On the other hand, the VIP account is available only to those that have a personal invite from the company.

Deposit and Withdrawal Processes

As an online trader, you need to make a lot of online transactions to withdraw and deposit money into your account. This can get annoying if the firm that you have signed up with doesn’t accept payments via the methods that you prefer. With Group500, you don’t have to worry about that because the firm accepts payments from several different companies of credit/debit cards, banks, and e-wallet services.

What’s more, is that you don’t have to worry about additional charges such as commissions or withdrawal fees that a majority of the other brokers charge. This cost-effective feature that Group500 offers has many customers satisfied who are unwilling to lose their profits to a percentage of commissions.

Trading Platform

You will be very impressed by the trading platform that Group500 offers. If you don’t know what a trading platform is then, let me tell you that it is one of the most important features of the broker that you choose. This is because you execute all your trading actions via the trading platform. So, if it is not a good one, then the quality of your trading career will also suffer.

Group500 offers multiple trading platforms that you can choose from. These include a web trader, the MetaTrader4, and the mobile apps. All these platforms have the same features and functions and just have different methods of use. The web trader is easier to access than the other platforms in that you just need to log in to your account from Group500’s website. With the other two options, you need to download additional software as well as update your device for effective performance. The MetaTrader4 is a popular name among brokerage firms because many use this trading software. The MT4 is one of the best trading software that offers amazing trading tools.

What you will be happy to know, if you are a new trader or are not good with technology, is that the interface of all these platforms is quite simple and user-friendly. You don’t have to worry about getting lost in the web of complex features with the Group500 trading platform.

Quick Registration

Being a new trader is intimidating as it is without the added burden of understanding complex registration forms. When you are new to the industry, you are already worried about your safety because you will be providing personal information as well as money to an online platform. This is why when you finally select a brokerage firm and are faced with a complex registration process, then all your worries will solidify.

To make sure that the trader feels comfortable with the firm, Group500 offers a simple and straightforward registration form. You just have to fill out a little bit of information and the rest of it is saved for later. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you will not have to provide sensitive data to the company. You will have to do that at a later stage after you are ready to trust the firm.

Secure and Regulated

Group500 is a regulated and secure firm which is what makes it a trustworthy choice. Regulations mean that the brokerage firm is being monitored by an agency to make sure that it is not doing anything illegal. The security protocols make sure that the firm is safe from cyber-attacks from hackers and other criminals. As mentioned earlier, you have to provide a lot of data to the firm to confirm your identity. This information can be used for harmful things if they get into the wrong hands. This is why Group500  makes sure that its system is protected at all times with the strongest security systems.

Is Group 500 Scam or Legit?

You may be wondering if there is a Group 500 scam or if the broker is legit. Well we can tell you that it is not a scam! It is a reliable broker and %100 legit!

Final Thoughts

Group500 is a trading firm that offers everything that a trader can ask from a broker. What makes it even better is the fact that all the features it offers maintain a high quality of service and performance. Furthermore, you can rely on Group500 to always be available to you in times of need with their 24/5 customer support service. So, if you are looking for a trading firm that will provide you with a complete trading experience, then you should definitely consider Group500.