GSA welcomes the approval of IMT-2020 standards for 5G

GSA (Global mobile Suppliers Association) today congratulates the ITU, governments, regulators, operators and industry who worked together to approve new IMT-2020 standards for 5G, with 3GPP NR now adopted as an IMT-2020 global specification. The new 5G standards, which have been in discussion for more than five years, will enable governments, regulators and more broadly the entire industry around the world to work together to build ultra-fast 5G services based on standards that put flexibility, reliability and security at their core.

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GSA has actively supported the ITU’s IMT and IMT-2020 initiatives since the beginning, representing the global mobile ecosystem with contributions into the ITU to help develop the 5G IMT-2020 vision, evaluation and spectrum approach. GSA welcomes the industry and regulatory cooperation under the auspices of the ITU in achieving this significant milestone towards the availability and harmonisation of 5G globally.

Joe Barrett, President of GSA, commented: “The approval of the ITU IMT-2020 recommendations for 5G are both welcome and timely. At the start of 2021, GSA was reporting over 85 live networks and 300 devices now commercially available, with networks being deployed across low-, mid-, and high-band 5G spectrum and new models being adopted including private cellular and Fixed Wireless Access. Harnessing this global 5G opportunity requires a global effort of collaboration and partnership. We’re delighted to welcome the approval of 3GPP NR as an IMT-2020 global specification and what this means for the mobile ecosystem.”