Hong Kong celebrates New Year with NFT Metaverse Project GoingApe

While 2021 will go down in history as the year of Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs), 2022 promises to be the year of the Metaverse. Asia’s largest financial hub Hong Kong has decided to celebrate the turn of the year by showcasing on one of its most prestigious billboards the NFT Metaverse Project “GoingApe”.

This initiative is the result of a close collaboration between world-class animation studio Nikopicto, Hong Kong based technology integrator Colossal, the leading private capital consultancy Mentha Partners, the blockchain social media firm Blockhy.pe, and blockchain technology company RioDeFi.


GoingApe is a gateway to connect digital to physical world. More to come, stay tuned !! ~Lily Leung and Nicolas Lesaffre, Co-founder of Nikopicto

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“We seek to bridge the divide between traditional offline industries, such as real estate and luxury brands, to emerging online ecosystems. NFT presents a unique set of benefits that have the potential to reinvigorate underutilized assets with scale. GoingApe’s comprehensive experience that includes Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality is a prime example.”- Colossal

“We are proud to be a sponsor and advisor to yet another example of blockchain’s crossover to mainstream life, by being part of a top-tier NFT/Metaverse project: GoingApe.” – Mentha Partners

NFT Metaverse Projects On The Rise

The past 12 months have seen the NFT industry come of age with the release of immensely successful collections such as Beeple’s “5,000 days”, Bored Ape Yacht Club’s 10,000 Apes, or the surge in value of “Crypto Punks”.

Most recently, it is the emergence of the Metaverse, an enhanced version of the internet where any participants can contribute resources and be rewarded for their content, that has monopolised the headlines. An industry already worth $50 billion, the Metaverse is expected to reach a trillion dollars by the end of the decade.

Of the many initiatives launched during the course of 2021, one in particular has caught the attention of luxury brands promoters: GoingApe.

GoingApe: Revisiting Evolution With Ape NFTs

GoingApe is a composable Metaverse that uses blockchain technology, digital assets and NFTs to revisit the story of human evolution with Ape NFT avatars and enable a shared collective of users and creators. Created by the seasoned French 3D director Nicolas Lesaffre, GoingApe’s exquisite artwork is designed to support the integration of digital NFTs with luxury brands.

The GoingApe NFT collection, composed of Apes belonging to different ages of civilization, will act as a membership granting their owner exclusive access to shared experiences in the virtual galleries and Ape Metaverse, commercial rights over their NFT, and plenty of additional benefits.

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A Prestigious Landmark

Hong Kong is home to the world’s most luxurious brands which compete over every inch of public space to showcase their trend-setting luxury watches, bags and apparels. Recently, it has also become the home of many NFT platforms such as unicorn NFT platform Animoca Brands.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the promoters of 36 QRC, the iconic billboard on Queens Road Central, have entrusted the GoingApe crew with the creation of their end of year publication, a 3D naked eye animation that will showcase a giant “GoingApe” bringing joy to passers-by as they celebrate the Christmas holidays. GoingApe will share the billboard with global luxury brands, following in the footsteps of Bored Ape Yacht Club and RTFKT which recently entered into collaborations with Adidas and Nike, respectively.

2022 is gearing up to be the year for “GoingApe” into the Metaverse!

Source: Asia Crypto Today