How do slot sites decide on which game slots spins will go?

Slot sites have a lot of control, they decide what slot games are available for players, they decide what bonuses and promotions will be available and where they will be applicable, they can even decide which players they want to sign up to their website. The one thing that slot sites have no control over is the spins on slot games.

If they were able to control the slot spins then that would mean they could work the game to favour the casino site, ultimately creating an unfair experience for players. Below is everything about slot sites and what actually decides how slot spins will go. 

What Decides how Slots will Spins 

There is actually a piece of code which helps slot games when they spin their reels. It is called the random number generator or RNG and it helps to ensure that slot games cannot be rigged by always producing a randomly generated outcome on the reels. The RNG makes it impossible for players to predict what will happen next on the reels, it doesn’t matter how much they put at stake on the reels, players cannot influence the outcome of the RNG. It is used on all online casino slots, there is even a real life version of the RNG which is implemented into machine slot games. 

The RTP 

The RNG is intrinsically linked to the RTP of a slot. RTP stands for return to player and it is essentially the amount of return that players can expect to see over a period of time. Every alot has an RTP, the average RTP is around 95% but this can vary wildly. Some slots have an RTP as high as 99% while others have an RTP as low as 92%. A low RTP is not necessarily a bad thing, sometimes it means that the payout will be considerably larger. Most players will focus on picking a slot which has a RTP which is around the average or better than it.  

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Volatility of Slots 

The RTP is incredibly important to slots but sometimes it is mistaken for volatility or variance. The volatility is essentially how much risk is involved with the slots. For instance, a high variance slot is going to have a higher amount of risk. A slot which is highly volatile will payout on a much more infrequent basis but when it does payout it will usually be a higher amount. Generally, high volatility slots will be suited toward players who are high rollers. For players who are more tightly budgeting, lower volatile slots will suit them more because the payouts are much more frequent albeit at a lower rate. 


Slot sites cannot decide how slots will spin, the RNG ensures that all outcomes of slot games are completely random. Although this makes the reels impossible to predict, it does help the players because it ensures that the games cannot be rigged by casino sites.