How Important Are Hashtags Really Going To Be In 2021?

Hashtags have been around since forever. Or from 2007, to be precise, which counts as forever in our ever-evolving digital world. Experience has taught us that online things grow outdated pretty fast. How did hashtags survive for so long, then? And more importantly, are they still going to be important in 2021?

Hashtags represent many things. Snippets of creative outbursts, symbols of our societal links, weird descriptions, and acquired online behavior; the list goes on and on.

However, more than anything else, hashtags are portals that lead to a great number of social media users and catalogs of content that hold strong bonds between them. 

To unassuming eyes these qualities might not seem that relevant, but to resourceful social media aspirants these represent means of presence growth and shortcuts to amassing followers. Whoa!

But hold on. This has been true for a while, but is it still true today? And will it still be true in 2021?

Pay attention to find out more.

Hashtags 101, 2021

To put it simply, hashtags are here to stay. Even in 2021. Even beyond. Why? Because their use far outweighs the flimsy nature of whacky trends.

Hashtags have the ability to classify and categorize content based on who posts, to what niche, and to what popularity. Far more than a creative outburst, they are tools of analyzing online behavior and spotting places where social media brands can expand further.

In tangible results, using hashtags the right way can grow your online presence and make your content reach more users. Hashtags form interconnected networks that ease access to familiar faces and familiar content. 

In a sense, a good set of hashtags is the social media equivalent of a solid business connection: if you have it, you’ll go places.

The opposite is true as well: bad use of hashtags is the social media equivalent of bad business reputation: no matter the quality of your content, people will avoid you.

Sounds important enough now?

Hashtag Use: Hot Tips for 2021

In 2021, similar as before, there are certain tips to follow for high(er) success rate:

#1 Insights are Crucial 

How do you place your hashtags? Do you pick at random? Do you copy what your friends or rival businesses do?

The thing with hashtags, as we said before, is that sometimes it’s better not to use them than to use them wrong. Of course, it’s best to use them, and properly.

Therefore, insights are crucial. Knowing your audience and what hashtags draw their attention will allow you to place your hashtags to maximize their engagement. 

#2 Top-Performing Hashtags Lists

Did you know there are services that track each hashtag’s popularity? Well, there are even services that rate hashtags and place them on a scale from max popularity &max competition to niche-popularity & ‘guaranteed’ reach.

Having access to those valuable hashtags and linking them in a thoughtful manner is another key component of hashtag success.

#3 Caption or Comment?

Yet another seemingly innocuous question, but one that carries its weight in social media presence: do you put hashtags in comments or captions?

The answer according to a certain study is that for profiles below 100,000 followers, it’s best to put them in caption, while for those above that threshold it would be smart to put them in the comments. You’re welcome!

#4 Full 30 Hashtags or Less?

The community is divided and hotly debates on this. However, there are more reasons and studies that go in favor of full 30 hashtag sets, popularity- and reach-wise. Don’t be afraid to fill out your hashtag quota, as long as the hashtags are relevant, and their use smart.

Task Ant, the Hashtag Service of 2021

La historia y el origen del 'hashtag' en su décimo aniversario | BBVA

If all this technical stuff gives you a headache or you simply want to optimize your hashtags to the fullest extent, you might want to consider obtaining Task Ant.

What’s Task Ant? It’s the next-gen hashtag generator that has passed all the criteria that we’ve imposed on proper hashtag use. 

Hashtags that were previously researched and extracted from massive top-performing hashtags libraries? Check. 

Insights into your audience, your potential followers, your niche, and your successful competitors? Check.

Viable strategies that were predicted, scanned, and ran through high-tech software simulations for maximum output? Check.

Libraries of your top-performing hashtag sets crafted for convenience of use, as well as quick memorization? Double-check.

In other words, if you’re looking to own hashtags in 2021, one of the most direct solutions is Task Ant. After all, it was designed for the future. Check it out now this app for generating hashtags .