How POS and payment providers can reduce crypto volatility

Crypto has proven to be highly volatile, with investments changing daily. Currently, only 14% of the world invests in crypto, leaving it more at risk and susceptible to scams and fraudulent activity.  

Making crypto more accessible is one way to attract people to use it. Enabling merchants to have POS systems accepting crypto will, in turn, encourage increased users and consequently will reduce the volatility. This will change the way that people view crypto and aid the start of decentralization. 

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Sesie Bonsi, Founder and CEO of Bleu, the service powering cryptocurrency payments through a secure, touchless solution at the point-of-sale, would like to discuss this further through the below topics:

  1. How POS providers and payment processors are also responsible for crypto acceptance, and therefore reducing crypto volatility. How can they help?
  2. Why the ability for POS providers and payment processors to scale quickly and accept crypto is key for crypto payment growth
  3. How merchants can lead the way to fight back against more prominent crypto players who are able to manipulate the market and influence volatility
  4. Why the industry can’t wait for the traditional banks to scale to crypto payments, and finding ‘off the shelf’ solutions is key to scale
  5. How to build the infrastructure for crypto acceptance in the POS and payments industry