How to compress MOV Files using WinX Video Converter

Our life is within our phones. Get up with a morning phone, drive to work with GPS, and order to pick it up. And in many cases, your phone is often used to record important moments in your daily life.

Over time, awkwardly, you discover that your system is weakening and slowing down, thanks to those space-sensitive video clips stored on your phone. That would be a good reason to slow down your recorded phone.

Working with video files can sometimes be tricky, especially when you do compressing or resizing on a specific file to fit your needs. If you’ve ever wondered how to compress a mov file, this article is for you. Continue reading to learn more about video compression and file resizing using WinX Video Converter is a MOV file compression tool.

Why Need to Compress MOV File

 Other possible reasons why you need to compress MOV files:

  • Take up too much space.
  • Load slow or failed to load.
  • Cloud storage can be more expensive.

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Introducing WinX Video Converter as the Tool to Compress MOV File

MOV is not a single file format but a format envelope made with dozens of codecs, resolutions, and independent frameworks from basic DV to H.264, HEVC to ProRes, and other professional formats. However, many applications on your computer only try to support MOV with codecs from standard consumer cameras. In such cases, all we have to do is to compress the MOV File.

We can make video files smaller in numerous ways, such as rewriting the video, resizing video, reducing bitrate, and cutting less essential parts. And here we would like to introduce an excellent video compressor that can do all the things mentioned above: WinX Video Converter.

Why Is WinX Video Converter Picked Out?

Read the following features, and definitely, you’ll agree with the decision to use WinX Video Converter.


WinX Video Converter is built with a robust support for over 320 video codecs and 50+ audio codecs as input, that is to say almost all renowned and rare formats are covered. It allows you to reduce the file size of MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, AV1, HEVC, AVCHD, MXF, DAV, M4V, and any other videos you recorded by DJI, GoPro, iPhone, or something else, download from the Internet, or ripped from Blu-Ray/DVD at ease. Additionally, videos in HD, 4K, and 8K formats can be read without problems.

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For a variety of purposes, downloading 4K videos, relying on online tools is not good. Those 4K download sites are often at risk and redirect you to spam sites.

Moreover, the speed of downloading such sites is alarming. But with Winx, you no longer have to worry. The software offers 16x download speeds, and all credits go to its Level-3 GPU hardware acceleration.

In addition, its updated algorithm makes it easy to convert 4K videos. You can download videos from the collection from 1000+ sites, including the most used sites like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and more.


This video compression software supports codecs with High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC / H.265), which provides from 25% to 50% better data compression than its predecessor AVC / H.264 while still at the same level of video quality. Apart from AVC, HEVC also works much better than other codecs like Xvid.


We know that there are online video compressors we can select. However, many users switch from online tools to desktop-based programs because online sites have a larger file size limit and process videos at a much lower speed. Unlike online tools to offline, WinX makes the most of your CPU and GPU to resize video. Suppose you want to avoid overuse of CPU or overheating and do some work while minimizing video. In that case, you can specify the acceleration of Intel / NVIDIA / AMD hardware to manage your video. You will see a real-time speed of 47X – NO.1 speed between similar programs.


Reducing video editing is another way to reduce video file size. WinX allows you to convert video resolution from 4K to 1080p, 1080p to 720p, etc. You can choose a solution from the available options or customize the width and length based on your needs.

What Are the Steps to Compress MOV File?

Step 1: Download the accessible version of the WinX video converter. Get this video compression software installed on your PC, and launch it.

Step 2: You now have to load the MOV file you want to compress. This can be done by directly dragging & dropping or clicking on the video icon on the top-right menu.

Step 3: Select the output format and click ok.

Optional: Now, the MOV file will appear on the timeline. You can click the Settings icon and adjust the output according to your requirements.

Also, if you are confused and don’t know the proper settings, please click on the video icon next to the settings icon and choose a preset for YouTube, Facebook, or other video uploading sites. WinX will automatically select the correct settings for you.

Step 6: You can even trim the unwanted part, click on the edit button, and do the needful. Once done with that, hit run and let WinX do the magic.

In conclusion, the MOV file compression process is simple if you select the right tool. After going through the many features of WinX Video Converter, the software can be easily categorized as a good video conversion tool. You certainly will not be disappointed when using WinX Video Converter for this purpose. If you are looking for a quick solution, WinX Video Converter seems to be the best choice.