IFA 2018: Shift Automotive, the future of driving


TyN Magazine from Berlin at IFA 2018 – When two industries come together to solve a challenge, amazing things can happen. Meeting in Berlin on 4 and 5 September, top executives from BMW, Daimler, Bosch, Here, Nokia, TomTom, MOIA, Acellere and many other industry leaders from across the automotive and electronics sector are coming together at Shift AUTOMOTIVE – the inaugural convention designed to explore the future of mobility.

They will be joined by Karima Delli MEP, the chairwoman of the EU Parliament’s Transportation Committee, Prof Peter Wells at the Cardiff Centre for Automotive Industry Research, and MIT Professor Bobbie Seppelt, who chairs the Safety and Human Factors Committee on autonomous driving at the Society of Automotive Engineers. In a series of keynotes, brief impulse talks, panels and workshops, the event will explore how new technologies emerging in both sectors are rapidly and fundamentally transforming the world of mobility and how we think, live and drive.

The opening Keynote – “Kitchen, Car and Office: The Building Blocks of Our Connected Life” – will be delivered by John Schoenbeck, who leads strategic partnerships at BMW Designworks, the Bavarian carmaker’s innovation lab.

Other confirmed speakers and panellists are: 

• Karima Delli, Chairwoman of the Transportation Committee at the European Parliament and founder of the European Startup Prize for Mobility
• Daniel Deparis, Head of smartLabs, Daimler
• Martin Beltrop, Director of Emerging Products, Nokia
• Dr Bobbie Seppelt, MIT AgeLab & Center for Transportation and Logistics
• Vishal Rai, CEO, Acellere
• Dale Harrow, Chair of the Intelligent Mobility Design Center, Royal College of Art
• Prof Peter Wells, Cardiff Centre for Automotive Industry Research
• Patrick Weissert, COO & Founder, German Autolabs
• Ben Boutcher-West, Head of Mobility, AppyParking;
• Tomasso Grossi, TomTom Automotive
• Mario Turrettini, Chairman Geneva International Motor Show;
• Kay Herget, Bosch SoftTec;
• Christof Hellmis, HERE Technologies
• Matthew Smith, KPMG
• Kyle Wiggers, AI Correspondent, VentureBeat
• Florian Leibert, CEO & Founder, Mesosphere
• Oliver Kuhn, Head of BD Automotive, Telenav
• Christian Rosen, Head of Vehicle Management & Concepts, MOIA
• Anja Hendel, Director, Porsche Innovation Lab

The talks and panels explore topics including: 

• Trust me, I’m an autonomous car: How can self-driving cars (re)-gain trust?
• Integrated mobility: the urban-rural divide
• The future of road mobility and its regulatory challenges
• The secret to competing with the new incumbents in the automotive world – elephants can dance
• Improving our relationship with in-vehicle technology: Why trust and understanding of ADAS matters for a self-driving future
• It wasn’t my fault, honest: insuring next-generation vehicles
• Co-creating the Ultimate Urban Car – pioneering connected car services
• Designing for the Intelligent Mobility Age
• Connecting Cars with 5G
• Building cars around passengers, not drivers

The event will look beyond technological breakthroughs and investigate whether consumers are ready for the change ahead. Will drivers and passengers see transport disruption as a threat or an opportunity? Will new technologies make driving more complex, or less? What happens when drivers become passengers? And are people ready to switch from owning a car to subscribing to mobility experiences?

Shift AUTOMOTIVE is a biannual convention backed by IFA, Messe Berlin, the Geneva International Motor Show and Palexpo.
The new automotive convention will be held twice a year, in Geneva and Berlin, alongside the Geneva International Motor Show and IFA