Instituto Universitário de Lisboa collaborate to provide students modernized technology lab

Infinera and Iscte – Instituto Universitário de Lisboa announced today plans to collaborate on modernizing the university’s Department of Information Science and Technology lab to support students’ educational journey, providing them with equipment, optical networking research and development projects, and internships that offer real-world, firsthand experience.

To encourage optical networking education and foster the next generation of technological innovators, Infinera plans to donate optical networking analysis and test equipment to Iscte’s Department of Information Science and Technology to offer more opportunities for students to get direct experience with equipment and develop optical expertise.

Infinera will also offer students the opportunity to intern at Infinera’s Lisbon campus, where students will be able to observe, learn, and participate in research and development projects.

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“As a global leader in optical networking solutions, Infinera is proud to support future technology engineers, innovators, and pioneers,” said Gonçalo Crispim, Country Manager at Infinera. “Collaborating with Iscte to inspire and empower our next generation of talent enables us to move forward together and build a more connected society.”

“Partnering with Infinera is an incredible opportunity for the University and our students,” said Jorge Costa, Vice-Rector of Iscte for Research and Technological Modernization. “Not only will Infinera provide our students with technology lab equipment, but they are also offering students an invaluable opportunity to gain experience and get hands-on experience from experts who are advancing how we live in real time.”