Kurosawa’s Web3 Premiere “Chime” revolutionizes movie premiers

Nekojarashi, Inc. and Intertrust announced they will debut Chime, a film by celebrated director, Kurosawa Kiyoshi, through a unique Web3 collaboration on Nekojarashi’s Digital Video Trading (DVT) Platform, Roadstead.io. This global launch uses Intertrust’s Web3 MarketMaker Supertickets™. Superticket purchasers will have exclusive rights to Chime, which will be available worldwide on April 12, 2024, Japan Standard Time.

Kurosawa is internationally renowned with coveted awards from industry-leading organizations such as the Cannes Film Festival among others. In an unprecedented move for a Kurosawa film, Chime introduces a unique viewing experience through limited-edition Supertickets, available only for a month post-opening. A small number of Supertickets will be available via a QR code distributed at an exclusive premiere, with the remainder opened to the public as well. The Supertickets offer fans exclusive access to the film with the option to keep or trade them on Roadstead.io beginning May 13, 2024, Japan Standard Time. Additionally, Superticket holders will gain exclusive access to Les Cuisiniers of Chime, a special documentary on the movie’s creation. This innovative approach premieres Chime in a global first, and fosters a premium, sustainable market and a fan-driven trading community aftermarket for the film.

“This is a work that intends to leave the viewer stunned, and with a strong sense of fear remaining after viewing it. It does not tell anything that would be normally expected in a story. It does not fit into either the horror or suspense genre. It is a crazy movie, a bizarre movie, and that is what this film is about,” said Kurosawa Kiyoshi.

“We are honored to debut this exciting new entertainment experience with a director of Kurosawa’s caliber,” said Kawamura Misaki, CEO of Nekojarashi. “This heralds the beginning of a new model where creators and their fans can collaborate together to support the art they both love.”

“MarketMaker Supertickets are a powerful tool that enables directors, studios, and theaters to create sticky new revenue streams for their work and to engage with their fans,” said Albhy Galuten, an award-winning record producer, Internet media technology pioneer, and Senior Fellow at Intertrust. “This provides a fantastic market opportunity for the premium film industry to move way beyond the traditional subscription streaming model. We look forward to working with the industry to deploy this feature globally.”

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