Making data management more accessible in Africa: strategies and opportunities

Data management has become an integral part of success in any industry, but Africa presents a unique set of challenges that need addressing. While data collection and manipulation present technical difficulties, socio-economic elements, such as limited access to technology or available resources, create roadblocks when optimally managing information. This post will provide strategies and insights into making data management more accessible and efficient in the African region and how data governance tools can help.

Data Challenges African Businesses Face

African businesses face unique data challenges while operating in an increasingly technology-dominated marketplace. A fundamental problem is a need for more access to consistent and reliable internet connections, making it difficult for business owners to invest in online marketing or networking or adopt digital operations and processes.

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In addition, many African markets don’t have robust regulatory and legal practices to protect proprietary online data, putting sensitive corporate information at risk of being stolen or exposed.

Furthermore, low literacy rates amongst some populations mean they cannot take advantage of technological advances that would help their businesses succeed. While there are vast opportunities through digital transformation, African companies must remain aware of these specific challenges to ensure success.

Source: The African Exponent