Making MEF 3.0 a Reality

A hallmark of industry innovation, the MEF 3.0 Proof of Concept (PoC) Program provides the seeds of new, collaborative work within MEF, as well as validates the real-world use cases behind MEF standards and the broader industry.

Within the program, MEF member service providers and technology suppliers collaborate to demonstrate MEF 3.0-based use cases that validate, evolve, and inspire the work of MEF—using principles of our MEF 3.0 Global Services Framework—including standard, orchestrated services, automated within and between providers with LSO APIs, and substantiated by rigorous certification processes.

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The resulting MEF 3.0 Proofs of Concept offer groundbreaking demonstrations of emerging services and technologies such as SASE, SD-WAN, Zero Trust, inter-provider and intra-provider service automation with LSO APIs, DLT/Blockchain, AI/ML, security, intent-based networking, IP, Carrier Ethernet, Optical Transport and satellite services, 5G, network slicing, IoT, multi-edge cloud, service assurance, and other trending topic areas that further our industry’s vision, embodied in MEF’s membership.

PoC exhibit

MEF 3.0 Proof of Concept Showcase

Each MEF 3.0 PoC has the opportunity to highlight to the industry its collaborative work through a showcase facilitated by MEF. Each PoC showcase requires a minimum of three participating MEF member companies. Once formed, the showcase is open to participation for both members and non members, and presents and demonstrates PoCs from both business- and technology-oriented perspectives. Participants have the opportunity to participate in Q&A sessions with the PoCs’ leaders. As part of the showcase, industry analysts evaluate each Proof of Concept and present awards.

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Participating in the MEF 3.0 Proof of Concept Showcase

Each showcase requires a minimum of 3 participating MEF member companies. Beyond the core group member participants, participation in the showcase is open to MEF members and non-members. All showcasing MEF 3.0 PoCs are eligible for the MEF 3.0 PoCs Awards.


MEF 3.0 Proof of Concept Showcase Awards

MEF 3.0 Proof of Concept Awards recognize the standouts of industry innovation. Below are the award categories recognizing leadership and innovation for the upcoming showcase, based on judging by industry-leading analysts.

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For the most innovative use of MEF standards, LSO API releases and other artifacts—published or in development.

Business Impact

For the most significant potential impact on the service provider’s business.

Market Game Changer

For the largest potential impact on the service provider’s market, such as enabling a new market or use case.

Judge’s Choice

For the best presented PoC, both in the showcase itself and its digital presence before and after.

Be In the Industry

Innovate within MEF

Participating in a MEF 3.0 Proof of Concept creates the opportunity for practical collaboration with fellow members and community participants, through compelling industry use cases, based on the latest MEF member innovations. Apply to the PoC program on the MEF Member Wiki.