Making multi-cloud and hybrid cloud work

Enterprise interest in multi-cloud and hybrid deployments has never been keener. With the right cloud strategy in place, enterprises can run their applications and workloads in whichever cloud environment makes the most sense from a cost, performance or functionality point of view. They also gain the ability to switch those applications and workloads between different platforms depending on what works best at any given moment.

But multi-cloud and hybrid cloud deployments can come with challenges. Success depends on enjoying the right kind of visibility and control. The connectivity that knits a multi-cloud and hybrid cloud strategy together is critical. Enterprises are looking for solutions that offer the security, performance, ease of management and agility that a complex cloud environment demands.

This event will help a range of stakeholders to understand why multi-cloud networking and management are so important, and so central to digital transformation initiatives. It will look in detail at the challenges involved and the solutions available.

The session is chaired by Brad Casemore, VP Research, Datacenter and Multicloud Networking with IDC. With help from a panel of industry experts, Casemore will examine the issues around multi-cloud and hybrid cloud. A media Q&A will offer the chance for additional exploration of this essential topic.

As enterprises migrate applications to public IaaS clouds and A SaaS environments, the panel will consider the importance of an on-demand, elastically scalable and highly available multi-cloud network. What should such a network look like, what should its attributes be and how can it mitigate operational complexity across a distributed application landscape?

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