Money 20/20: Embedded finance takes center stage at the event

Embedded Finance – or the integration of finance into normal business services – is perhaps the biggest story in Fintech right now. As search traffic for the term spirals upwards, it’s only natural that it will be a trending topic at the world’s leading Fintech event, Money20/20 USA, this week in Las Vegas. 

Embedded Finance now has an increasingly important role across a whole variety of sectors from retail to automotive, insurance to luxury and even philanthropy. The term itself has taken on a life of its own, often as a buzzword by brands looking to leverage those search volumes.

But it’s serious business, there is a huge opportunity to accelerate the rate of embedded payments adoption in the $29 trillion U.S. B2B payments space and an even bigger opportunity worldwide.

At Money20/20 USA, leaders in Fintech explored these trends and how companies can adopt Embedded Finance as a powerful tool to drive efficiency and create optimised online and offline customer experiences.

Highlights include:

Designing a Luxury Payment Experience: Nico Kersten, CEO of Mercedes Pay GmbH and Sarah Kunst, Managing Director at Cleo Capital discussed the journey of designing an in-car commerce experience. From developing a unique operating system and sleek hardware design to architecting next-generation payment experiences, we discovered what it takes to create a luxurious customer experience from the inside out.

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Philanthropy in Fintech: Embedding Generosity: Ibrahim AlHusseini, Founder & Managing Partner of FullCycle and Dominic Kalms, Founder & CEO of B Generous sat down with Gina Clarke, Content Director of Europe Money20/20 to discuss how fintech continues to improve the financial life of the average person. And while the impact has been meaningful, fintech has not figured out how to make philanthropy accessible in the same way that it has made banking.

An Embedded Revolution: How Platforms and Marketplaces Will Reimagine Financial Services: Kamran Zaki, Chief Operating Officer of Adyen; Julie Loeger, Chief Growth Officer of eBay; and Dave Salvant, Co-Founder & President of SQUIRE sat down with Chief Strategy & Growth Officer of Money20/20 Scarlett Sieber to discuss how platforms and marketplaces will lead the fintech revolution.

Scarlett Sieber, Chief Strategy & Growth Officer Money20/20, also hosted the official launch party of Embedded Finance: When Payments Become An Experience, which she co-authored with Sophie Guibaud, Co-founder and Chief Commercial & Growth Officer at Fiat Republic, at the show.

Embedded Finance: When Payments Become An Experience delivers a thought-provoking discussion of the transformation in financial services, banking, and technology that has already begun. With interviews from fintech’s leading players, from Stripe to Shopify, the book explains how Embedded Finance is leveraged to supercharge customer experience.

Leading up to the launch, Scarlett was on the Off The Record stage for a session with Sophie Guibaud, Co-Founder at Fiat Republic and Matt Harris, Partner at Bain Capital Ventures – one of the originators of embedded finance.

“Embedded Finance will have a strong societal impact, specifically on the process in which the banked and underbanked access banking in a fairer and more transparent way, but also on banks’ future business models,” said Sieber. “Simply put, it has the ability to make people’s lives better – if it performs as intended, most people won’t even realise how frequently they interact with financial products on a day-to-day basis.”