MWC 2023: Smartphone and IoT latest insights

Worldwide smartphone shipments 

  • 2022: 1.19 billion units  
  • 2023F: 1.19 billion units (-0.3% growth) 
  • 2024F: 1.22 billion units (+2.5% growth) 

“Canalys expects the global smartphone shipment to be 1.19 billion units in 2023, representing a 0.3% year-on-year drop from 2022. Despite the decline, small vendors and regional players will have more opportunities when top vendors cut marketing expenses. Shipments are expected to grow moderately by 2.5% in 2024 as the macroeconomic environment gradually improves.” 

Worldwide high-end segment (above US$800) smartphone shipments share 

  • 2020: Above US$800: 11% market share 
  • 2021: Above US$800: 16% market share 
  • 2022: Above US$800: 18% market share 

“Demand for premium smartphones remains strong despite the economic headwinds. Chinese vendors are trying to get a slice of this growing segment by establishing their brand image through increased R&D investments.” 

Worldwide foldable smartphone shipments 

  • 2021: 9 million units 
  • 2022: 14 million units (+59% growth) 
  • 2023F: 30 million units (+111% growth) 

“Canalys predicts that foldable smartphones shipments will reach 30 million units, with a 111% year-on-year growth in 2023 over 2021. Vendors are proactively expanding and updating their foldable product portfolio to highlight their R&D capabilities. The flip form factor is attracting traditional users by offering a bar form factor experience within a more compact design. Meanwhile, the foldable form factor is more appealing to business users and early adopters as it allows for better multi-tasking and content consumption experience.” 

Worldwide 5G-enabled smartphone shipments 

  • 2021: 553 million units (41% market share) 
  • 2022: 632 million units (53% market share) 
  • 2023F: 739 million units (60% market share) 

“Canalys predicts that 5G-enabled smartphones shipment will reach 739 million units and make up for 60% of smartphone shipments worldwide in 2023. Emerging countries will witness higher growth of 5G-enabled smartphone shipments thanks to the improving 5G infrastructure and affordability of 5G devices.” 

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Worldwide TWS shipments 

  • 2022: 288 million units  
  • 2023F: 281 million units (-2.2% growth) 
  • 2024F: 300 million units (+6.5% growth) 

“Canalys expects the global TWS shipment to be 281 million units in 2023, representing a -2.2% year-on-year drop from 2022. Despite the decline, TWS category will still lead the global smart personal audio market with an expected increase of 6.5% in its shipments in 2024 by shipping over 300 million units.  

Note: Canalys includes wireless headphones, wireless earphones and TWS in the smart personal audio device category. 

Worldwide wearable bands shipments 

  • 2022: 183 million units  
  • 2023F: 195 million units (+5.1% growth) 
  • 2024F: 218 million units (+11.4% growth) 

“Canalys expects the global wearable shipment to be 195 million units in 2023, with moderate growth of 5.1% over 2022. The wristwatch (basic watch and smartwatch) category will capture over 80% of the market share. More possibilities adapted in wearables will drive wearables bands shipments to 218 million in 2024.”