MWC 2024: J.P. Morgan Payments: Rethink payments to power innovation

When you think payments, you may think about consumer transactions like buying your Friday morning cup of coffee. But behind the scenes, payments create a vast web of opportunity.

Balancing macroeconomic uncertainty and high expectations for growth is no easy feat.

In recent years, industries worldwide have faced various headwinds including supply chain bottlenecks and liquidity challenges. But these challenges haven’t deterred telecommunications, media and technology (TMT) companies from setting ambitious goals. To grow in 2024, maintaining capital discipline, building supply chain resiliency and optimizing working capital will continue to take priority.

And underpinning each of these key focus areas is a vast network of payment connections that, if leveraged strategically, can unlock opportunities. Whether you’re looking to leverage idle cash more effectively, free up liquidity or fund merger and acquisition activity, payments aren’t as straightforward as swiping a card at a point of sale; they’re valuable connections that impact businesses and consumers in unexpected ways.

It’s time to think of payments as bigger than one-off transactions, and at MWC Barcelona 2024, we’re exploring how payments power businesses in unexpected ways. Interconnected payment networks behind the scenes do more than accept, process and send payments, including:

  • Revealing new revenue streams through embedded finance or commerce solutions
  • Moving money around the world while maintaining visibility and control
  • Managing funds and finding cost efficiencies
  • Helping to safeguard information and decrease risk

For TMT businesses, these payment capabilities will be crucial, as the pressure is on to innovate at the edge of everything (which we’ll delve into during our speaking session on 26 February at 2:50 PM). Instead of trying to innovate all processes, products and payments at once, take a step-by-step approach to align efforts with specific business goals. For example, payments can help your business to:

  • Unlock new opportunities: Discover new revenue streams through solutions like embedded finance. Join our fireside chat on 27 February at 1:30PM to understand how to tap into transactions and tech to grow revenue.
  • Enable global money movement: Blockchain solutions are transforming the way money, information and assets move around the world. Dive into an in-depth analysis of key use cases driving FinTech’s evolution on 26 February at 2:00 PM.
  • Accept payments nearly anywhere, anytime: From CBDCs and real-time payments to connected car solutions that bring payments seamlessly to the drivers’ seat, customers’ preferred payment methods are changing rapidly across EMEA and around the world. One thing is clear: payments can deliver more value tomorrow than ever before.

Payments may need to shift from tactic to strategy for TMT businesses to see the maximum possible benefit of innovation. From actionable data insights and seamless global money movement to liquidity management and risk mitigation, an effective payments strategy could enable innovation for your business, your customers and your future.

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