NFT expert explains how NFT are about to change

NFTs are transforming how we interact with virtual content. Right now we’re mainly seeing it in the form of images that are being sold and shared. But in what other spaces can NFTs be used, what can they do? This NFT expert has a lot to say about how they’re going to transform fanclubs, how we interact in these spaces and especially for those in the music genre. 

XONE is a mobile Augmented Reality social network developed by CEO & Co-Founder James Shannon, that allows users to build and share 3D worlds. XONE’s vision is to become the web3 version of TikTok, focusing on user-friendly interfaces, discovery, and music to onboard the next 100 million users into web3.

NFTs offer brands and artists a way to establish on-going connections with their fanbase. They also allow them to deliver value in both digital and physical settings. For example, rather than just a ticket to a show, an NFT ticket could unlock discounts for merchandise, access to future livestreams and exclusive digital content not otherwise available to regular fans. The benefit of using NFT technology is that this token is unique and irrefutably tied one individual fan.” says.

James Shannon, CEO & Co-Founder.

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Platforms are constantly evolving to meet the needs of their users. With the technology used here, the gap in the bridge has become smaller than ever before. 

Shannon goes on to say that, “An NFT token which unlocks a fan club can deliver value in both physical and digital settings. Fans which own this token could benefit from discounted ticket and merchandise sales as well as early access to new releases. As music becomes more immersive and integrated with blockchain technology it’s a natural progression for the NFT to be the source of truth for delivering value to fan bases.”