Nixu successfully pilots a Smart City digital service for the City of Jyväskylä together with IOXIO

Nixu, together with IOXIO, has delivered a trusted data sharing pilot for the City of Jyväskylä. The pilot has been helping the City of Jyväskylä to establish an interoperable service infrastructure offered by a Smart City operator in the region.

Nixu’s Identity and Access Management solution (IAM), together with IOXIO’s Dataspace service, has been successfully used in the first Smart City use case, which enables fully remote, easy, and secure control of access to both digital services as well as physical spaces. The platform pilot was completed in June 2022.

Trusted data sharing with interoperable digital identity is needed to create better value for people and businesses and bring smart city development to a new level

The City of Jyväskylä has strategic goals to achieve an internationally competitive and well-functioning living and business environment in the region in the upcoming decades. Digital tools play a crucial role in achieving these targets in practice. However, the City of Jyväskylä has noticed that the Smart City and IoT solutions currently available in the market bring too little value for individuals and businesses. The market lacks interoperable digital identity for end users combined with trusted data sharing services for organizations.

In an innovation service tendering, Nixu and IOXIO were selected as the commercial partners for delivering an innovation project with a service concept for a Smart City operator and the first use case pilot for the interoperable and trusted service infrastructure.

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”We are proud to be a part of a project like this. It is in line with Nixu’s mission to keep the digital society running and benefits all parties in the society; citizens and the public and private sectors alike. With solutions like this, we are able to build and provide platforms that speed up digitalization, removing barriers for different actors”, says Veera Relander, Business Unit Lead for Digital Identity at Nixu.

Interoperable digital identity and trusted data sharing are the key capabilities for better physical and digital services

Nixu’s Identity and Access Management solution and IOXIO’s Dataspace were successfully used in a pilot use case in the Kangas area in the City of Jyväskylä. There, people with the same digital identity can access both a tenant service portal and provision access to various physical spaces, such as a parking hall, with their own home key.

“The pilot in the Kangas area received a great reception from the people living there. After the start of the pilot, the benefits of the pilot propagated through word-of-mouth among the residents in Kangas. Many people contacted us about joining the pilot to get access to the parking facilities with their home key. With this pilot, we truly managed to create the “experienced smartness” for people that we aim at when developing digital services in Jyväskylä,” says Mika Kataikko, lead of the innovation project at Business Jyväskylä.

Besides the pilot, two use cases around home elderly care and sports center services were developed that would greatly benefit from the same interoperability and digital trust capabilities that the pilot infrastructure offered in the smart living context in Kangas.

The commercialization phase is starting – other partners are also invited!

The Smart City operator concept and the pilot results were presented and launched in the City in the Pocket event on August 4th, 2022, as part of Jyväskylä’s Business Rally event series. Now, the development moves on to the commercialization phase, in which stakeholders interested in truly user-centric Smart City services are invited to join.