NY Gallerist takes the Lower East Side into the metaverse new collectors new NFT exhibition

Founder/Director Sibilla Maiarelli takes New Collectors, a gallery at 191 Henry St, into the metaverse with the debut of the gallery’s first NFT exhibition, The Art is Not Here on May 13th, featuring newly created NFT projects by Alex Leav, Timothy Nazzaro, Brendan Dugan, and Emilka. Since its inception in 2020, Maiarelli has made New Collectors a unique gallery on the Lower East Side, with a roster that includes seasoned and emerging artists. 

“The gallery has a specific background rooted in the traditional art market, with a roster of artists, collectors, and collaborators, but we are now embracing web3 in ways that other small galleries are not” said Director of New  Collectors Sibilla Maiarelli. 

Maiarelli worked closely alongside New Collectors Director of Web3 programming, David Hernandez, to expand the gallery’s mission to include digital artists and continue to educate artists and collectors about NFTs and blockchain technology. Each artist that was selected to participate has an existing art practice rooted in physical techniques.

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Brendan Dugan is a ceramicist, Emilka and Timothy Nazzaro are photographers, and Alex Leav is a painter. It was important that the first NFT exhibition reflect the gallery’s mission to onboard artists to web3. Together with the exhibition partner, Hoverlay, Maiarelli and Hernandez were able to curate the work in augmented reality (AR) to showcase the art in an immersive virtual environment. The innovation of increasing availability of AR tech has allowed artists to feature their work within the metaverse without limitations of material, space, or money.

New Collectors serves as a place where creatives can come and understand the artwork being presented while getting the opportunity to collect both physical and digital art. The Art is Not Here features newly created NFT projects by Alex Leav, Timothy Nazzaro, Brendan Dugan, and Emilka from May 13th- June 12th.