Onyx Trade Group review – Important questions to ask

Whether you are buying a product or investing in a service, doing your homework is of the utmost importance. It can be the difference between a fruitful decision and a regretful one. You obviously want the former, so being proactive will certainly work in your favor. This is also applicable when you are looking for a brokerage to start trading in the financial markets. Accepting the claims made by anyone online is nothing short of foolish and you don’t want to make this blunder. Therefore, when you come across Onyx Trade Group, you should first ask some important questions about it.

The answers to these questions will help you decide if it is the true broker for you, or if you should look at other options. This forex and CFD broker was founded by Lencher ExPro LLC and has hit all the right notes, but this Onyx Trade Group review will give you the answers you need to make a decision:

Can you diversify your portfolio?

If you have even the slightest knowledge of trading, then you should understand that portfolio diversification is the ideal way to control your risks and increase your returns. To achieve this, you need access to a multitude of instruments and Onyx Trade Group has given you that on its platform. You can find a range of trading instruments available, which belong to some of the most profitable financial markets in the world. These include forex currency pairs, stocks, commodities, indices and cryptocurrencies. In this way, everyone will be able to diversify and make the most of their trading.

Is the trading platform suitable?

Your next question should be about the trading platform because it will be used for executing your trading decisions. Hence, it has to be good at its job and Onyx Trade Group has ensured that you will have the best solution at your disposal. How? They have added the MT4 suite of trading solutions for their clients, which comprises of the MT4 desktop client for Mac and PC, the Web Trader and mobile trading apps for iOS and Android ecosystems. It is regarded as the industry standard and for good reason because it offers traders everything they need in one place. From fast trade execution to top-notch trading tools, you will find exactly what you want, whether you are just starting or are a skilled trader.

Can you trade securely?

Security problems have surged in the last couple of decades and cybercriminals particularly target the trading world because of there are lots of opportunities. Consequently, you need a secure and reliable broker and Onyx Trade Group has done a good job at providing peace of mind to their clients. They have opted to use the AML and KYC policies, which are Anti-Money Laundering and Know-Your-Customer. These are aimed at reducing identity theft, money laundering and financial fraud. Account segregation is another rule followed by the broker, which keeps your accounts separate and your funds safe. In addition, advanced SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption is also used for protecting all sensitive data.

Is any support available?

You may encounter problems during the trading process, or have questions about some services or features. Likewise, there may be technical problems that need to be addressed. In these situations, you will need proper customer support to resolve your issues and Onyx Trade Group has accommodated its clientele in this aspect. They have added channels like email and phone that can be used for reaching out to their customer support team. Their agents are responsive and available 24/5 for your ease and convenience.

Along with these answers, you will also come to know that Onyx Trade Group offers a demo account, real account and an Islamic account to its clients. It takes you only a couple of minutes to complete the registration process and start trading. Plus, their trading conditions are quite impressive and can help you in earning the most profits.