Parental control apps to avoid inappropriate content

At present, the tremendous accessibility that users have to all kinds of information from their mobile phones is almost insulting. Children also fall into this range, with whom we must be extremely careful so that they do not reach inappropriate places, which is why parental control was created.

It is a system that allows restricting certain illegal content or that is reserved only for adults. In addition, many of these screen time apps locate the position of the child or monitor the time spent on certain apps. This, while somewhat intrusive, helps prevent scams and harassment.

Online safety kids apps and their use FamiSafe

Monitor the time both in applications and on the terminal screen. The great novelty of this app is that its filters not only block websites or applications, but also scan potentially dangerous photos or images for both their content and computer viruses. To complete, it has geolocation of the child’s device, although for this the app must be installed on both mobiles from GooglePlay, AppStore and on Amazon.

Price plan

Up to 5 devices per accountUp to 30 devices per accountUp to 10 devices per account
$9.99/monthBilled annually at $59.99Billed quarterly at $19.99


Parental control screen time

Its screen time app use is completely free, and allows you to control both the websites they access and the time they spend glued to the smartphone screen. In addition, it has more severe measures such as restricting the use of certain apps or completely blocking the terminal. Unfortunately, we do not have real-time location of children.

Family locator

In this case we have, in addition to parental control screen-time over the children’s terminal and to limit their use, a locator. In this way, it will be possible to have the position of children in real time if they go out with friends. The app will show a map with an icon of where it is at all times, with the distance that separates us from them, even in more remote connection areas such as an airplane.

ESET parental control

Its protection is based on a comprehensive parameterization of everything that children visit throughout the day on their mobiles. For example, this screen-time app shows a ranking with the most visited websites, with an automatic blocking of websites that age does not allow access, such as adult pages or sports betting. There is always the option to configure it manually, but this automation gives an extra piece of mind.

Parental controls Kids Zone

Its tentacles in safety are elongated, since it screen time limit performs an almost constant scan of the webs that children visit throughout the day. Even if a page that is allowed tries to access another that is not, the app directly blocks the option. In addition, this apps to limit screen time restricts potential situations such as purchases in the Play Store, which are very easy to carry out.

Parental Control Kidslox

It stands out for its different categories when it comes to cataloging its functions screen time limit. First of all, we have the option to block apps either from third parties, by specific category or a specific one manually. In addition, it consists of three modes to establish the degree of restrictions, differentiating between ‘Child Mode’, ‘Parent Mode’ and ‘Lockdown’. Obviously the last one is the most restrictive of all and that can be changed with a single button.


This program apps to limit screen time, like all the ones we have been analyzing, protects against accessing pages with inappropriate content. But if what concerns us is cyber bullying or so-called ‘sexting’, the ideal would be to let the app sample SMS messages, thanks to its scanner. This will allow you to avoid such unpleasant situations.


A parental screen time tracker control app to monitor the time that children spend individually in each application or generally with the smartphone. It blocks access to inappropriate websites for minors, it has geolocation and it also allows us to protect the eyes of children, not only restricting the time of use, but also setting the night mode for your terminal.