Property for Sale in Turkey (عقارات للبيع في تركيا)- Why Arab Nationals Must Leverage The Most of It?

Arabs share a common culture with the Turkish people. That is why Turkey is surely a favourite with the Arab investors. Nearly 40% of the tourist influx to Turkey is from Arabian nations namely Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and others. And there are many tourists and foreigners who actually like to buy property in turkey. The property sales to foreigners is increasing year by year in Turkey. Iraqis are at the top of the list followed by people from Saudi Arabia.

Arab visitors forma bulk of the visitors to Turkey. In 2021, there will be a large number of foreign estate acquisitions.Turkey is becoming more and more popular with middle eastern investors. Most of the buyers in Turkey come from UAE, Kuwait, Iraq and other such countries.The countries have a lot of Arab billionaires from the Royal families of the Gulf region. There are several residences in Bosphorus, which is an important country in Yenikoy, Bebek, and other regions where prices are reaching up to US $100 Million. Many other buyers are finding villas in the Kartepe, Sapanca Lake, due to which there is a growing interest in the Bursa city. Moreover, Arab buyers want to invest in the Black Sea region also even to buy apartments for sale in Turkey (شقق للبيع في تركيا).

Turkey is Most Preferred Location for Arab Residents to Invest

Property is a top class investment: Houses are getting priced higher due to the recession. Millions of properties are getting sold every year, and in 2015, there was a 27.57 % increase in prices of Istanbul’s properties.

Better Arabic Infrastructure: Arab shares a cultural similarity with Turkey. Now wonder, Arabs feel more comfortable in Turkey. There are a large number of Arabs who work as tourist guides, staffers, and  in the hospitality staff. So, there is a great chance that Arabic speaking interior designers and architects want to help you more. Investors an residnest speaking in Arabic are increasing day by day. Tsi kind of a cultural shift is making it easier for Arabian nationals to buy property in Turkey.

Thriving Hotel Business: Tourists for Arab countries are flooding Turkey day in and day out and there is a huge investment in Arab commercial real estate property. Many homemakers are considering Mediterranean coast regions such as Trabzon and Uzungol where the weather is cooler than the south of Turkey. The number of hotel owners is increasing alongside the Arab coastal regions. It is important to catch up the supply with the demand. That’s why locals are leasing their homes to Arabs who are in need of the same.

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The Perfect Time to Invest in Arab property: Arab tourists are coming to the country from all sides and there is a higher demand for hotels. Moreover, in 2018, the law of reciprocity was abolished, which is further helping foreigners to invest in the country. Foreigners can now buy a maximum commercial real estate of up to 60 hectares.

Another home for the Arabian Community: Turkey is a confluence of the East and the West, giving a comfortable flourishing growth and lifestyle to Arab nationals. It has mosques, religious events, and foods which are  similar to Arab culture. Even the traditional buildings in Turkey share a resemblance to the Arabian architecture. Many language schools in Istanbul are giving Arabic courses. Also, many shops offer sales positions to Arabic speakers.

ROI guaranteed: Many areas in Turkey get a huge wave of tourism, due to which Turkish real estate is not showing any signs of going down. Moreover, cities like Istanbul are also offering top-class growth opportunities for people from the Arab community. That’s why you can expect a good ROI from your Turkish real estate investment.


Choosing to buy Property for Sale in Turkey (عقارات للبيع في تركيا) at the right prices can get a high ROI from your property in all situations. It’s like another home having a cultural confluence with familiar traditions, foods and religious beliefs, which make you get the complete value for your investment. Many Arab nationals have bought property in Turkey, and with the growth in the real estate sector, many others have a chance to do the same to get long term value frm their investment in property for sale in Turkey.