Searches for ‘Netflix stock’ rises 131% after Oscar nominations

Analysis of Google search data reveals that searches for ‘Netflix stock’ skyrocketed 131%, worldwide as of 24th of January 2023 after the Academy Award nominations were released, with the streaming giant collecting 15 nominations across numerous categories. 

The analysis, by revealed that searches for ‘Netflix sign up’ also exploded 166% in one day, an unprecedented increase in movie fans looking to stream some of the most popular titles, according to Google search data analysis. Netflix’s most nominated film is All Quiet on the Western Front, a German film set during World War I. The film was nominated nine times in categories such as Best Picture and Best Cinematography. Other feature length titles from Netflix such as Blonde, Guillermo Del Toro’s Pinocchio and The Sea Beast also gained nominations as well as two documentary short films. 

A spokesperson from commented on the findings: “The Academy Awards are the pinnacle of the awards season, with many filmmakers and studios hoping for recognition from the Academy in this latest nomination announcement. With fifteen nominations given to films produced by Netflix, it will be interesting to see if these searches translate into sign-ups to the platform and if Netflix will receive even more new customers if they win big during the ceremony in March.”

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