SPECTRA Technologies showcases flagship payment terminals and ground-breaking solutions at Trustech 2023

SPECTRA Technologies Holdings Co., Ltd. (SPECTRA Technologies), a leading provider of payment terminals and solutions, successfully participated in Trustech 2023, the global event for innovative payment and identification solutions. The exhibition provided an excellent platform for SPECTRA Technologies to showcase their flagship products, including Smart Payment Terminal S1 Series, Android Terminal tap-POS, and Software-based SoftPOS. Additionally, the integration of the S1 Self-Service Kit into an EV Charger garnered significant attention from attendees.

Key Highlights from SPECTRA Technologies’ Participation at Trustech 2023:

  1. Flagship Products Showcase:
  • S1 Series: SPECTRA Technologies unveiled their S1 Series, a cutting-edge payment terminal designed to meet the evolving needs of businesses in various industries. The S1 Series offers advanced features and functionalities, empowering different businesses to enhance their operations and customer experiences.

The “One Series, One Hardware, One Certification, Different payment environments” feature offers unparalleled flexibility for various scenarios. This unique capability allows users of the S1 Series to maximize its usage while staying within an economic budget. With this feature, SPECTRA Technologies empowers businesses to adapt to different payment environments, providing a cost-effective solution without compromising functionality.

  • tap-POS: Operating on Android OS 11, this flexible and economic solution works with any SoftPOS solution and commercial android apps. With its lightweight and portable design, tap-POS is ideal for a variety of Android-based application scenarios.

  • SoftPOS: it provides businesses with a secure and convenient way to accept payments using their mobile devices. By transforming smartphones and tablets into secure payment terminals, SoftPOS enables businesses to streamline their operations and offers a neat payment experience to customers.
  1. SoéCharge – S1 Self-Service Kit Integration Use Case
  • SPECTRA Technologies showcased their latest innovation, SoéCharge, at Trustech 2023. This integration between EV Charger and S1 Self-Service Kit offers enhanced flexibility by providing multiple cashless payment options for EV drivers. By combining these technologies, SPECTRA Technologies aims to deliver better user experiences and generate increased revenues for stakeholders. This innovative solution addresses the market’s demand for efficient and user-friendly EV charging payments experiences, further solidifying SPECTRA Technologies’ commitment to meeting industry needs.
  • The S1 Self-Service Kit integrated into the EV Charger enables users to easily initiate and complete charging transactions, monitor charging progress, and make payments seamlessly. This solution offers a convenient and secure experience for EV owners, while also providing valuable data and analytics for the EV industry stakeholders.
  1. Positive Reception and Attention:
  • The showcased payment terminals and solutions attracted significant attention from attendees at Trustech 2023. The innovative features, advanced functionalities and smooth integration capabilities of SPECTRA Technologies’ solutions resonated well with industry professionals and potential clients.

“We are thrilled with the positive response and attention our flagship terminals and solutions received at Trustech 2023,” said Sam Or, Chief Revenue Officer of SPECTRA Technologies. “The event provided an excellent platform for us to showcase our innovative solutions and demonstrate how they can empower businesses in various industries. We look forward to further expanding our reach and helping businesses thrive in the digital era.”

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