Statement on TikTok AI

By Insider Intelligence principal analyst Jasmine Enberg

“Search is taking off on TikTok, and an AI chatbot could accelerate that behavior. GenZ is turning to social platforms for search because the results are more interactive, engaging, and visual than on traditional search engines. Some say they trust results on social media more because the information is crowdsourced from regular people.”

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“Tako is an engagement play for now, but TikTok could soon follow in Snap’s footsteps. Snapchat is testing search ads in MyAI, and Tako could eventually provide TikTok with another avenue to grow its nascent search ad business. Generative AI search behaviors will also provide TikTok and Snap with more data to serve more personalized, first-party targeted advertising.”

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“But even though some GenZers may trust search results from other users on social, overall trust in social platforms is low. And while Tako can recommend user-generated content, the results are compiled by unnamed third-party service providers. That could add an additional trust hurdle for TikTok to overcome to get Tako to take off.”

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