T-Mobile US targets rivals with 2 year deal

T-Mobile US unveiled Go5G Plus, a tariff offering 24-month device payment plans to new and existing customers instead of three year contracts used by AT&T and Verizon in what it branded its latest Uncarrier move.

Go5G Plus is an upgrade over T-Mobile’s Magenta Max plan which includes additional hotspot data and other features.

CEO Mike Sievert stated on a video that AT&T and Verizon had together increased their tariffs nine times over the past ten months.

“There are millions of customers out there stuck in three year contracts today who want a way out but feel trapped.”

T-Mobile executives argued AT&T keeps customers’ phones locked to its network even after three-year contracts were up and devices were paid off.

“AT&T has a manual unlock process that rivals a trip to the DMV, so we’re helping their customers avoid the aggravation,” stated Mike Katz, president of marketing, innovation and experience.

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A representative from AT&T told Mobile World Live its 36-month instalment plans give customers a lower monthly payment compared with 24-month plans.

AT&T customers also have the option to upgrade near the end of the 36 months by paying off the device early or using a paid-for early upgrade programme.

T-Mobile also announced an initiative to help customers switch from AT&T by paying off some outstanding device fees or trading in eligible locked units for a new, free smartphone.

The operator plans to launch the unlocking programme on 24 April and run it for a limited time.

T-Mobile is also offering to cover some of the costs of customers who opt to return to their previous provider within 30 days of joining it.