Telefónica and DIGI sign new mobile network agreement for the next 16 years

Telefónica and DIGI have signed a new long-term mobile network agreement to extend a successful and reliable relationship. This value-creating agreement has a duration of 16 years and strengthens the ties between the two companies by optimizing the return on their network investments.

The agreement, which will come into force on January 1, 2025, represents an evolution of the current mobile access contract, consolidating a successful and trusting relationship that will result in Telefónica’s provision of National Roaming and RAN Sharing services. With this new agreement, Telefónica increases its sustainability by ensuring a long-term revenue stream in line with the existing one. At the same time, the fixed broadband wholesale agreement has also been extended. 

All this serves as proof of the superior quality of Telefónica’s national network infrastructure and the confidence it generates in its ability to deliver high quality services over that infrastructure.

For its part, DIGI benefits from efficient and cost-effective use of its new spectrum assets. In addition, by promoting infrastructure sharing, Telefónica will further boost the effective use and deployment of its NGN mobile networks.

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