Telefónica creates ‘Telefónica Town’, a virtual experience in Roblox

Telefónica presents its own virtual environment in Roblox, ‘Telefónica Town’, on the occasion of its centenary and as part of an international campaign in Spain, UK, Brazil and Germany. It is a virtual experience created together with Playoffnations, a company specialising in connecting brands with new generations. 

Telefónica is taking on Roblox, a platform with more than 200 million monthly active users, to connect with new audiences in a memorable and meaningful way. 

The video game consists of different adventures, questions and dynamics following its identity and philosophy as a brand in a space where consumers not only consume content, but actively interact, co-creating the brand’s narrative in real time. 

The emblematic virtual city of telecommunications is inhabited by NPCs who will accompany users on their adventure, and is made up of a total of five islands: Central Island, with the Telefónica building, honouring the representative of Madrid’s Gran Vía and Cloud Village, IoT Village, Cyber Village, and Wifi Village, in reference to the brand’s products and services, fused with on-trend game dynamics within the platform. In addition, players will have to solve a global challenge and repair the damage caused by the virus in the city. 

In addition, the initiative will feature user vs streamer competitions for online viralisation, through social media and platforms such as Twitch or Youtube. Snapchat has joined this project with its official partner Aleph and its creative agency Selva. Through an Augmented Reality lens, users can discover and interact with the world of Telefónica Town through a dynamic search for the iconic herald phones. 

This collaboration with Snapchat and Aleph explores new ways of bringing technology and entertainment together, offering unique experiences to users and bringing them closer in a different way.
Active and immersive interaction
The phone company continues to explore and test new horizons to be close to the Z generation. With its entry into Roblox, the brand is positioning itself at the forefront of digital marketing in an era where unidirectionality is being pushed aside to make way for active and immersive interaction. 

“New media requires new strategies,” says Laura Sanz, Audience Director in Telefónica’s Global Comms team. “It makes sense to have a presence in the new digital spaces where young people are, like Roblox. Playoffnations has proven to be the ideal company to develop and leverage this new strategic action, thanks to its experience in connecting brands and young generations through new channels.” 

“Currently, we need to put special emphasis on the effectiveness of video games as new platforms to strengthen loyalty and engagement. Data such as the fact that brand integrations in Roblox will grow more than 110% in 2023 corroborate this,” says Marc Pérez Miralles, CEO of Playoffnations, “With our work we wanted to add digital and disruptive innovation to the new advertising that Telefónica has opted for, and we feel very fortunate that they have trusted us to create this unparalleled experience for its centenary,” he adds. 

Telefónica Town’ is more than a video game, it is an experience that aims to impact new consumers in an authentic way by building new connections and lasting relationships between those who are the engine of technology, humans, with Telefónica once again driving the creation of these connections.

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