The importance of lumbar support for your health

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Types Of Lumbar Support And Their Benefits 

Lack of exercise, poor posture and inability to lift objects correctly can lead to lower back pain. In such a case, people usually need to get some kind of lumbar support for their back. Lumbar support products can be part of the furniture, they can be in the form of staples or as a separate piece of furniture. These products help maintain the alignment of the lower spine (lumbar region) and its natural curvature. This way, the muscles are not tense from the whole weight, which can also help with injuries in that particular area.

  • Suspenders (Belts) 

They are available in various materials such as Velcro, soft and hard plastic. Braces (belts) can provide ergonomic lumbar support for the tailbone, sacrum, and mid-spine in a non-invasive and safe manner. They can help relieve back pain, but they can also reduce the strain on the spine when lifting heavy objects. Suspenders (straps) can also aid recovery and make sitting and standing more comfortable. 

A brace (belt) can be used to facilitate postoperative healing after spinal surgery or to relieve pain and ease movement in people with osteoarthritis. They are also used to prevent slipping of the vertebrae caused by spondylolysis and to prevent compression fractures of the vertebrae. People with spinal stenosis and osteochondritis (lumbar disc herniation) can also benefit from this type of ergonomic lumbar support. Maliton Almohada de apoyo lumbar inflable, almohada lumbar para  la espalda, cojín lumbar con firmeza ajustable, almohada de respaldo para  el dolor de espalda baja, soporte lumbar portátil y ligero para
  • Office Chair

Office chairs can have built-in lumbar support, which can be fixed, adjustable, or dynamic. Fixed support is what you would expect, it is fixed to the back of a chair without the ability to move it – it is usually found on leather and inexpensive chairs. While fixed lumbar support is better than no lumbar support, it is inferior to an adjustable one. The adjustable lumbar support allows you to adjust not only the height but also the depth of the product, as well as its rigidity. 

Dynamic Lumbar Support is found on high-end seating and supports your spine by automatically adjusting its depth and rigidity based on your posture. Regardless of the changes your back goes through, this type of office chair support will always adapt. Having lumbar support on an office chair can also prevent slouching and help with proper pelvic and hip alignment. This way you will have a more comfortable chair and correct posture.

  • Cushions 

It is a portable type of lower back support that is economical and versatile. You can use the pillow not only when you are sitting but also when you sleep. It can help relax muscles and support a crooked spine throughout the day. There is no need to attach or detach it, just place it on a chair or bed and you’re done. 


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