The perfect size to fit on web pages images

Images have been in use for years as a crucial component of the search process – we are unable to imagine a visual display without elements. We often seek out things by using images. Extended snippets of content and many other elements of search results include images. Visual search through Google Images continues to expand. So, every site should consider making use of images and improving the way they are used. Some statistics: in the year 2018, Google Images accounted for 22.6 percent of all queries on the internet. Additionally, in the year 2019, Google representatives have announced that images will have a more significant impact on rankings and display on search. Other companies that offer search-related services are also showing growth in these numbers, since users are increasingly embracing visual searches. On this basis it is possible to conclude that your website or blog should include pictures. These must be of good quality images that express the essence of the problem or aid in visualizing solutions.

Optimizing images can increase the search engine visibility of websites and increase interaction between users with the content. Search engines are continuing to expand and adapt to user demands, so don’t undervalue the importance of images and images. To make them searchable and clickable on search results adhere to the official guidelines for search engines compress files, create relevant alt attributes and then add structured data. In addition, you should include images only if they fit into the page’s context and are valuable for your intended audience.

Images of websites are extremely important in SEO

From the above we can conclude that images on websites are crucial in SEO. They offer many benefits to your blog or website. First, the content will appear more appealing and not boring. The text will be coupled with images that reflect the subject of the piece. Additionally, it will enhance the user experience of your website, which can result in better exposure of your site’s page through search engines and consequently increase the amount of visitors. Images play a significant role in SEO promotion and shouldn’t be overlooked. But, to effectively place the image on the website, it is necessary to perform some manipulation of the image:

  • – Choose a distinctive and high-quality image
  • – Improve the size of your image and weight
  • – Select the most appropriate image format
  • – Set a meaningful name for the image file.
  • – Improve the metadata
  • – Input the TITLE and ALT attributes
  • – Write a caption beneath the photo.

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Two options: full size and smaller images

Image resolution plays a crucial aspect in SEO. But, many people include them on their websites without considering the implications and make use of small images hoping that the website will load quicker. They are. But it didn’t generate visitors. What’s the problem? The reason is that small images should be used only when the full-size image is not offered. In the event that they are not, search engines will interpret it as an indication of negative quality. Since visitors leave the site if they see an image that is blurry. It is the same for images that are full-size. When you add to your site huge images will slow its performance, which means its credibility website decreases.

Which one is the best?

What size of image matters more? Naturally, the more the resolution of an image, the better it will appear on the web. If the image is large, Google will rank you significantly higher. But, what can you do to improve the speed of loading of an image that is large? Simple, utilize online services to help compress your image and take note of the size and format. But, remember that smaller images shouldn’t be overlooked. Just in case you’re still in doubts and the future paper seems to be quite overwhelming, try to free yourself from so many nerves – click here and trust the professionals, who will do everything to the highest level.